Monday, January 11, 2016

The Digit-al Dozen Does New & Improved--Blobbicure!

Hi Everyone! Long time no see!  The short condensed version of my story is I had to move in November and we did it during a huge snowstorm! While the move is great and I'm now so much closer to work and really loving my new apartment and new city, I lost 2 of my sweet chinchillas in the move.  The stress of the move was too much for my Abigail and Herman and they died the day after we got here :(  To make it even sadder a month later my old man Leonard crossed the bridge.  So my once hopping herd of 10 is now down to 4. Very sad for me.

If that wasn't bad enough a month ago I got into a car accident! Yep my first accident ever and my lovely paid for car was totaled.  Good news is I'm okay, better news is no one at all was hurt.  Even better news I upgraded from a pretty small but sporty 2005 Dodge Neon to a 2013 Nissan Sentra.  I was pretty nervous car shopping as I've never had to do it without my dad at my side.  Thankfully my brother in law came with me and seriously it was only the 2nd care I looked at and drove home in.  

I worked my long hours again in December as I went back to the bakery to help them during their mail order season.  Moving just before Thanksgiving and then starting 90 hours a week all of December meant not too much unpacking got done LOL.  Truth be told my manicure area is still not set up.  

But this week is new and improved for the Digit-al Dozen and I didn't want to miss out even if I can't promise anything spectacular.  We've got some new gals in with us too so even more reason to get my rear in gear and get something on my ding dang nails!

I'm trying to live with what it is me shorties and it's not easy LOL!  My boss was SO sweet for Christmas he got me nail polish!  Yup he got me a little OPI mani set so I decided to pull a couple of these babies out and do a pretty new to me technique with them The Blobbicure.  I sort of like it, I don't love it but as a technique it's easy and it looks different than dotting.

This is OPI's Malaga Wine with blobs of Tickle My France-y on it
So the other thing about moving is not having the same over the stove light to take all my pics with either!  I'm going to have to play around with things here until I find best lighting

Or I might finally have to cave in and set up a light box!
Do you see how short my nails are??!! That's what moving and winter weather will do to you UG
I always feel like I have snausage fingers with short nails LOL!
So yes here it is my first post in a long time and it's not real earth shattering but it's something and it definitely means I'm back in the game!

Speaking of the game we've got some lovely new gals in the Digit-al Dozen!  Please make sure you check out everyone's link today so you can visit them!


  1. Oh my, that sounds like so much stuff to deal with in such a short amount of time. I'm glad to hear that you've come out on top of it all though! These nails are lovely as well :D

  2. glad to see your nails again lovely!

  3. How freaking awesome to get polish from your boss. I think these turned out very pretty! But I am sorry to hear you've been going through so much! I can't even imagine.