Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Spring Cleaning way late!

Hi Everyone

I got yelled at the other day for having way too many pictures on my laptop so I've been going through my albums and I'm actually finding some mani's I did that I never posted!  Sort of crazy hey???  I actually ran across this one the other day and I remember thinking of it as a failure as it didn't look like the picture I was trying to recreate.  

Looking at it today I honestly do not see a failure here!  What do you think?
I did this the end of November in 2014 yes over a year old!  I know this is a saran wrap base with reds, pinks and whites and the some FUN stamping
This would actually be a really lovely mani for Valentine's Day don't you think?
I think one of my favorite bases after a gradient is a saran wrap base!
This is the picture I was trying to recreate.  It's cute isn't it?
Here it is with the mani
What do you think close or not really??

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