Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Memories of days past

In the middle of my very busy life my dad's cousin--my Uncle Ronnie died.  I haven't seen him much and only saw him once after my dad died and that was when his sister Becky died.  It shouldn't be that you only see someone at funerals but as you get older that's exactly what happens.  My Uncle Ronnie and my dad shared a birthday although my dad was 2 years older than he was.  They grew up together and spent time together as adults and he was a big part of my life growing up.  While his death is very sad it also reminds me of the times when we were younger and saw all the Grove cousins in action.  Those were some very fun times.  So instead of being sad and thinking about his being gone I'm spending the night thinking of all those fun family get togethers and picnics when we were young.  Instead of being sad I'm going to think that he and my dad are together in Heaven and hopefully they are golfing and bowling and and maybe even getting into a little bit of trouble up there.

Growing older is a part of our life.  Having to say goodbye to someone we love and care about is a part of our life.  It doesn't make it any easier though.  Sometimes I wish I could be better prepared for this but I never am.

Hold the people you love tight and always say I love you we never know when well get that chance again.

I thought a bit about grief and the turmoil it brings but also the peace and acceptance we eventually feel when someone dies when I did my mani tonight.

Zoya Cheryl with FUN 8 stamping in Mundo Copper and China Glaze Passion.

Blessings to you Uncle Ronnie and peace.  I'll be glad to see you again when I'm called home.