Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Digit-al Dozen Does Whimsy--Faery Field

Hi Everyone!  I'm behind on my Digit-al Dozen week because my mom took a bad fall on Thursday so we had to do the whole ER thing and "watch closely for the next 48 hours" thing.  She fell in the garage while she was trying to put on her golf shoes.  Instead of sitting down and leaning over to put them on and tie them she tried to put her foot up on a chair and do it.  While she couldn't easily pick her foot back up and she lost her balance.  She has a severely bruised tail bone and she also hit her head.  Lucky for us nothing at all was broken.  But it was quite scary.  Now we all have to try to stop giggling when she tells us her coxis is bruised.

I spent some time this Saturday doing nothing but lazing around and reading and creating this mani.  Like most in our group I googled "whimsy" because again what the hell is whimy and this picture actually came up and I really thought it was cool.  I knew I had the perfect base for it so I attempted it and hoped for the best!

For my base I used a group custom polish from Darling Diva called Fricken Swallow which is a lovely blurple type jellie full of flakies.  I layered it over OPI Road House Blues
I stamped using the VL019 plate from friend Arlene snagged for me so this is the 2nd time I've used this plate for Whimsy week but still haven't used it for the sole reason I wanted it LOLOL

Lots and lots of teeny dotting too which I was not a huge fan of
You can see the flakies nicely here don't you think?

And now the big reveal!  This is a picture of the picture I found when googling "Whimsy" it's titled mystical magical flowers.  
I think this totally looks like a faery field at night.
What do you think?  How did I do?  I'm sorry I was late but man oh man I think it was sort of worth it!


  1. These nails are gorgeous! I'm glad to hear your mom is going to be okay too!

  2. OMG - as soon as I saw these on Intagram, it was instant LOVE!!! I know they took a bit of time - but so worth it!! The flakies, your multiple stamping, the dots - just all came together so well!!

    Glad you Mom is just bruised...falls can be very scary.