Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Digit-al Dozen Does Gradient--Floral

Whelp I'm late with day 5 but I have a good reason!!  I but my thumb yesterday right on the side and it hurt SO DANG BAD and I will totally admit I was afraid of acetone!   I pretty much babied it all day today and managed to take off my gradient stamped lines without crying too much.  Not sure why the hell I thought a gradient would be a good idea because I'm not using latex at all for my mani's these days so yep polish ALL over my skin and more importantly my cut.

I managed to survive!! And my mani is really quite lovely. It was basically born out of sheer laziness though. Sitting next to me on my little tv stand is some polish I've used and haven't put away yet.  Sitting out were Nails Inc Wellington Square and it reminded me of a mani I had done ages ago with similar colors so I snagged a dusky turquoise--Sinful Savage for my gradient.  And yep it is as lovely as before. Again born out of sheer laziness I grabbed the nearest plate to me ( I still have plates tucked in a tote bag I haven't put away from move yet) and it was my VL4 plate.  So this really lovely mani is all because I was too lazy to really get up and look around for some polish and plates to use
I just love reverse stamping images don't you?
Even with the black this is still such a delicate look
I also love how the coral and turquoise overlapping create a purple
I actually wanted to do a glitter gradient tonight and even toyed with a magnetic gradient today but in the end sheer Saturday laziness created this mani for me!
This week was a great week!  So happy with how all mine turned out and really loved what everyone else came up with!

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  1. This might be my favorite look from you all week! The colors are just awesome and that image is gorgeous!