Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Autumn--Leaves and Acorns

Soooo in the middle of my Digit-al Dozen Does Autumn week life got in the way and not in a good way.  'sThursday night I got home way too late to post and on Friday my sweet Bobo, our first chinchilla crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  While it's true we had Bobo for 11 years chinchillas live into their 20's so we were not expecting her to leave us so soon.  

I know for most people a pet is a dog or a cat and definitely not a chinchilla but we love our chinchillas and they are just as much a part of the family as our cats are.  She was our first, she was my favorite and the pain of losing her hit me pretty hard.

So today I'm posting my acorns and leaves mani--way late but sometimes you just have to stop and cry and eat desserts until you feel better

Today I just loaded up all things fall and did a Fall French Tip look with leaves and acorns
I think it's rather funny that I love wearing nudes every now and then.  I am a hard core vampy and dark colors lover but man oh man I love to wear nudes!
I used my long forgotten because honestly they aren't that great because they bleed like hell Kleancolor metallics for my maple leaves.  

It's funny how when you first start stamping you think the Kleancolor metallics are the second coming of Christ.  But when you've had 687 mani's ruined by their bleeding you just get so over them
Bundle Monster and MoYou plates for my stamping
I really love the vibrancy of my Mundo's against this nude base
I don't do french tips often but I always like how it looks when I do!