Saturday, October 24, 2015


Hi Everyone!!!  Yay for the weekend!  Today it's a nice sunny brisk day here in Wisconsin.  No huge plans for me this weekend but we are doing some Spring cleaning in Fall lol.  Windows, walls, floors and ceilings are getting washed and we are steam cleaning the carpets.  I'm hoping to get over to Michael's and pick up some cinnamon pine cones too!  I love those things SO much and love having my house smell like cinnamon and vanilla

I'm also trying to find some time to catch up to the Bingo game we have going on in the Advanced Nail Stamping Group.  We have a winner already but the rest of us wanted to keep playing.  Now I have to do a skeleton and a black cat mani!  I have a great idea for my skeleton mani too!!! Hopefully I can pull it off.  I was thinking of combining and doing a cat skeleton but let's face it my free hand is not good and so far no one has come up with a skeleton cat image for stamping.  I hope someone in the know is reading this for next year!!

I do have this pre Halloween mani to share with you today.  I find myself enjoying the sort of scary but not gory Halloween looking things.  I guess the more gothic looking images.  I did this one hoping for an overgrown cemetery feel

I did free hand the cross here and was actually pretty impressed with my efforts!
I wish this picture wasn't so fuzzy but this is one of those mani's I didn't take many pictures of for some reason
I used my CZ grass plate again, can't believe how much I love this plate!  And Bundle Monster assisted with the raven.  Hauled out one of my OPI Sands for the non accent nails--really like this just dark black sand with no glitter to it.

I'm pretty sure there will be tons of Halloween mani's this week, hopefully this one that hasn't been done before.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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