Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Light It Up Blue!

Hi Everyone!  On April 2nd the world joins together to raise awareness for Autism.  Nail Polish Addicts everywhere put on blue polish, whip up some nail art and show their support on this day.  Autism is still something we haven't figured out how to "cure" or to prevent from happening.  There is an entire range for those affected with autism from high functioning to severe impairments.  It does not discriminate against race or gender and as always with disorders it affects more than the person diagnosed with autism, it affects the friends, families and even coworkers of those of who have been diagnosed with autism.

Many of us take for gradient our lives each day.  Most of us don't have trouble getting up in the morning and getting ready for work or school without help from someone else.  We know how to talk, we know how to speak, we understand the mechanics of everyday life.  But not all of us in the world have this luxury.  

You might already be affected by Autism and have someone in your family who must live with this every day.  You might not be affected by it at all and know about it by only what you see in television or read in the paper.  No matter how it does or does not affect you, I hope you take some time today to think about and recognize the people who must live with it.

I'm wearing both blue and white today--because white represents hope, and there is always hope someday no one will have to live with this disorder

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