Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Digit-al Dozen Does Black & White

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Tuesday!  We had some snow here yesterday!  It actually snowed for a very long time but none of it stuck to the ground.  It was a pain scraping off the crusty car that sat in the parking lot at work all day though!  So our first snow--and that can mean only one thing--more to come!

When we first discussed this challenge one of the things we discussed was the actual black and white theme.  Should it only be black and white?  Can you do shades of black or white--can you survive on an entire week of just black and white?  The consensus--as always--is just be your own person, do your own thing--what is black and white to you.

So today I'm a rebel!  I decided to brighten up that snowy day with a little black and white!
Now this is a mani you wear to greet a snowy day!!
I really love the contrast of the pretty flowers to the black and white 
And when it comes to nail art you can't get much easier than this!

I wonder if I'm the only rebel?  Or did someone else dare to be bold?!


  1. I was a rebel too and added some colour to my mani; the flowers are a nice burst of colour!

  2. You are definitely not the only rebel! Only day 2 and we're all chafing at the bit to get some colour in, haha! I love these flowers, and the colours you chose. :)

  3. You rebel, you! Great it! =)

  4. Such a beautiful mani! Love the flower accents.

  5. Oh my gosh snow, eek! I just moved to Miami and I am still sweating like every day, I can't even understand that the rest of the country is doing normal winter weather already. ANYWAY, I love these! The flowers are really cool and I like the scale of them on your nails :D