Saturday, August 27, 2016

Family Fun Day!

Hi Everyone! Happy Saturday!  Today is my mom's birthday so we'll be getting together later to have some dinner and play some games.  It's a bit challenging celebrating my mom's birthday because on my mom's 18th birthday her mother died.  I never met my Grandma Shaw but I know she was deeply loved by my mother and her death especially on her birthday was a crushing blow.

My mom's sister, Lynette, or as we love to call her Aunt Net, came down from Menomonee Falls last night and is spending the weekend with her.  Trust me when these two gals get together there is a lot of jaw jacking and definitely some fun times.  

Before the get together I'm going over to my sister's house and we are doing a DIY spa day along with my niece.  These are the times I love!  My family hardly ever asks me to do their nails but today we are doing pedi's for sure and maybe even a mani will get snuck in.

I've been kind of lacking in the nail art department lately.  Not really sure why.  I never not have my nails painted but sometimes I don't have any art on them or sometimes I have the same art on them for almost a week *GASP* 

I have been very dedicated to losing weight so I am walking quite a bit these days and that walking may just get in the way of me wanting to sit down and paint my nails and then do some stamping.  I'm also reading a lot more than I used to which makes me INSANELY happy but it seems like more and more little things are taking over my nail art life.  I'm hoping to find that perfect balance out there that's for sure!

This is a mani I did the other day because I just needed something fun and quick.  Gradient stamping always seems to do the trick when you want something that looks like it was complex when really it isn't

My base is the pretty Pahlish Divination from the Bespoke line, I am a huge of pastel polishes with the chrome flakies in them.  I wish someone would do them in every single pastel color imaginable!
I did some gradient stamping with Mundo de Unas Pastel Blue, Holland Blue and Purple with FUN 15
I like doing just a couple of accent nails over a non cream base so you can see both the art and then the beauty of the base color on it's own
And I'm not going to lie it's quicker so then I have more time to walk and read LOL!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!

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