Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Nature--Birds!

Hi Everyone happy hump day!   So remember yesterday when I said I thought I was on the downward spiral of my cold?   Um not so much.  UG this thing is killing me Smalls!  How can the body possibly produce this much mucus?  How has someone not figured out yet how to turn mucus into good since we apparently have so much of it!  I might be able to produce enough energy for a small country with the amount I have alone for crying out loud!

And here's the real killer--it's SO NICE OUTSIDE!  We have 50 degree weather in our forecast for today and tomorrow!  Right now it's 42 and sunny!!!  You can see tons of grass out here now which is just really nice AND the grass is even getting green.  Soon instead of the sounds of the snow plows scraping by you'll hear everyone and their mother mowing the lawn.

There is a plus side to this cold of mine.  I haven't been out of the house since Saturday which means I haven't had the chance yet to see the asshats wearing shorts and flip flops just yet.   Because you know when it hits 40 in Wisconsin men come out in shorts and women put on flip flops.

So I guess today I have a shout out to the end of Winter.  I've got some birds in the trees on a grey morning to share with you today for this week's Digit-al Dozen Does Nature theme

I don't know why but I'm always drawn to grey
I used Zoya Dove and my base--my first ever Zoya polish and it's half gone!  That sort of made me giddy because you know it's well loved.  I also stamped with my new MJ XLV plate.  My Online Shop plates are SO nice.  They always stamp great.  I picked up 2 of her new ones and really like them

I decided to matte this mani because you know all the cool kids matte.  What do you think?
I sort of think it looks more Wintery matted
I think I would like to do this mani again with some nice Spring colors too!

Okay so here it is the middle of the week for this month's theme and so far the mani's have just been fantastic!  I'm heading over now to see what everyone else came up with today


  1. Dove was one of my first Zoya's too (and still my favourite grey polish). It looks like the beginning of spring to me with the leaf buds, before the sky turns blue and the leaves turn green.

  2. Beautiful mani! I wear flip flops from April to October but even 40 is too cold for me to break them out!

  3. This is gorgeous! I love the pops of color!

  4. Fabulous! I love how the tree progresses from left to right!

  5. This is really stunning! I love those cute little birds!

  6. You are always drawn to grey because it's amazing! This by the way is a stunning mani right up my alley too.

  7. Oh wow! I love this design so much. I definitely prefer the matte version in this case.

  8. This is probably my favorite of yours this week! It is absolutely stunning!