Saturday, February 21, 2015

Pretty In Pahlish

Hi Everyone!  Happy Saturday!  The weekend is here! Yay!  It's been pretty cold here in Wisconsin and apparently other places in the US but today it was a nice 20 degrees so naturally I saw someone in the grocery store in shorts.  UG I just do not know what it is about Wisconsin and idiot men this time of year.  I rolled my eyes at him as he walked past--I just couldn't help myself.

 I did this mani the other day for the Advanced Nail Stamping group--our flash challenge was over a blue holo base.  I snagged my untried bottle of Pahlish's Snow Over The Rhone and did some stamping with one of my new Uber Chic plates!
This is a pretty stunning polish!  A gorgeous deep sapphire blue with some silver flake glitter in it!
I didn't get a chance to go outside and get pics as I did this at 9pm and naturally today the sun isn't out 
How about this cool stamping though?  So freaking easy but I just love how this turned out!  I really love these plates from Uber Chic--for me they are the perfect size in length and width.

I did snap a couple pics with flash so you can see the holo pretty a bit better
ooooooohhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

I also snagged Pahlish's Dark Chocolate Cherries and I've been wanting to try some one stroke flowers so I see another Pretty In Pahlish mani in my future!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi Laurie, I know what you mean about those idiot men and their shorts when they think it's "warm" out. For me, it's my teenage sons who do it. But honestly, at least they don't complain about being cold dressed that way! I don't get it! (I love this wintery mani today.)

    1. LOL Cat I feel you with the teenage sons for sure sometimes their brains do not engage