Friday, October 17, 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does Floral--When mani's attack episode 643

Hi Everyone!! Happy Friday!  Today I'm able to combine 2 themes into 1 and 1 of them was not by choice lol!  OMG this is another episode of When Mani's Attack it's happened right here during a Digit-al Dozen week!  I had the very best intentions for this mani.  I worked hard on it last night.  It took me a couple of hours and BLECH! It is awful.  I was going for rainbow roses and instead I got grandma's ugly church dress.
My friend Sara says you should fairy dust anything that doesn't work--not even fairy dust could save this baby!
The real crying shame is I don't have time to take this off and put on something better before I head to the wine tasting fund raiser I'm attending tonight!
Here's the look I was going for!

I guess this just goes to show for every high you have like yesterday's simple blue over dark brown mani something like this baby comes along LOL!  Nothing like reality slapping you in the face!

Looks like I'm going out with a whimper but I bet the rest of my crew isn't!  Let's go check em out!


  1. I always love rose pattern and this looks really fantastic! Great job!

  2. Laurie, I kind of LIKE Grandma's ugly church dress! (And what a great name for this mani!) I can definitely grasp the idea you were going for, but what you ended up with really isn't bad. Either that, or my taste is bad!! Ha, ha.

  3. I like it and don't see Grandma's ugly dress at all!

  4. This DOES look like those rainbow roses!!!

  5. I totally see your inspiration in the final manicure...I think it's really nice!

    I did laugh at the "not even fairy dust could save this" line though...we've all been there haha ;)

  6. I still think they are pretty! They remind me of those velvet pictures you used to be able to buy and you could color them in with markers! But I can totally see your inspiration in the mani!

  7. Hah you are so silly. These may not be what you were going for, but they aren't ugly dress flowers!