Monday, July 29, 2013

My friend Jin Fascinates me!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Monday!  It's another day I'm dragging my butt in at 6am!  At least I don't ever run into traffic going in this early LOL!  I've got a color thermal polish to show you today.  My friend Jin of Superficially Colorful made this all on her own!  It's gorgeous!  It's called Fascinate and it changes from purple to periwinkle blue in a cold to warm change.

The sad thing is it's so freaking cold where I work I didn't get the gradient effect too much!  UG!  I swear it's like a freezer on our side of the building.  We all look like it's winter outside the way we have to dress for work!

Here are some pics of it where you can see the gradient--it's normally a matte finish but I did a topcoat of Seche Vite on it

I love a thermal polish as it's a built in gradient!

I decided to top a couple accent nails with Red Dog Designs Let Freedom Bling and it's just stunning!

As you can see while at work in the below zero weather in the office there's no gradient.  Now check it what it looks like walking outside and getting in the car!

Isn't it the neatest thing???!!!!!!  I really love both thermal and solar polishes, it's so cool to see more than one color out of the same polish!

The car is sick so hopefully he's getting in to the doctor today.  Let's all hope it's a fairly cheap fix!

Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. This is a beautiful polish!! I love both colors!! Thermal polishes are awesome! My little nubs never get to appreciate them though.

  2. Jin is gifted right? Who would say those are her first colors! :) It looks amazing on you, by the way!