Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 9--Saran Wrap!

Hi Everyone!!!  Today in the Crumpet Nail Tart's Challenge is saran wrap mani.  This has been around for awhile I just have never done one.  Well I was able to kill 2 birds with one stone for this mani idea as the Sunday Challenge in AIS was based on a book you are reading so I was able to combine the two!  I would never have been able to come up with this super cool idea had it none been for Cris over at Let Them Have Polish though!  She posted a stamped image over a saran wrap mani and I just fell in love with the design!  Check it out here!

I used the same colors Cris did, red, black and gold.  I thought I would really like the red and gold accent nail but I didn't!  It looks pinkish to me
As soon as I did this mani I thought of one of my favorite series and a book in  it AND remembered I had made a franken named after it!!! Woot!!!!
This is my Make Me, Sir franken named after a book in Cherise Sinclair's Master's of Shadowlands.  If you are someone who likes 50 Shades of Grey these books are a ZILLION times better!!!
For this mani I chose Revlon Cherry Crush which my mom gave to me for absolutely free, and which applied effortlessly and perfectly, as my base and then I applied WetnWild Black Creme and sarah wrapped.
I stamped with China Glaze Passion using DRK-A because this braid image reminded me of ropes and shibari which is prevalent in some of the books in this series.  My accent nail is my franken Make Me, Sir and a smidge of my Boom Boom NAILED IT! franken.
I am ELATED with the results!

I'm definitely going to be doing more saran wrap mani's in my future!

After knocking this out of the ball park today what's in store for the Tarts tomorrow?
Geometric!!! Okay this is gonna be good!

Now what did everyone else use their saran wrap on????


  1. Love this! The black and red are lovely together. And the braid stamping? YUM! No wonder the DRK plates are on my wish list lol. I may have to move them up a few places!

    1. I just got DRK-B and C in the mail today!!! Can't wait to do more stuff with them!

  2. Dear Laurie,
    I KNOW you're super busy with work and life...but I NEED you to do some kind of video or step by step stamping tutorial. I never see any bald spots and your transfers are even and crisp. I have to find out what angle you're holding your gift/credit card. I wish I knew how much pressure you applied. Sorry to sound like such a fan-girl but YOU never cease to amaze me...stamping skills as well as everything else!

    1. I will try to work on a tutorial this weekend. I think a crisp image has a lot to do with the polish you use to stamp with that's why I tend to stick to the same type of polishes to use for stamping.