Thursday, May 30, 2013

Monkeying Around with Raspberry Tart!

Hi Everyone!!! Have you ever had that time in your life where you had to eat crow and then found out it's totally delicious???!!  I have been long time NON fan of glitter polish in a colored base.   I didn't get why so many people loved it.  It just was not for me.  Recently Red Dog Designs put out her Berry Friends collection and since Gina's my friend I bought a couple.  And holy cow i am in love with both of them AND they are glitters in a colored base!  Go figure!!

I've shown you Lemon Meringue already and today i have on Raspberry Tart.  I just love it!!
I absolutely love how despite there being a colored base it really doesn't cover up the great colors of the glitter
And there's a lot of yummy goodness in these glitters!
And how adorable is this stamping?  I used the new Cheeky Wild At Heart plate.

I'll definitely be going back for me of the Berry Friends over at Red Dog Designs because these are just too good to pass up!

Not sure what's happening with me suddenly loving matte's and these glitter in a colored base polishes!  Next thing you know I'll be in love with neon and the speckled type polishes!

Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Funny thing happened on the way to the camp ground . . .

Hi Everyone!  I survived the camping weekend even with the full moon!!  Nary a werewolf in sight BUT I had a major acetone accident.  I kid you not my acetone bottle leaked all over my camera and my camera melted!  OH THE HORROR!  I'm pretty upset about it but no use crying over spilled acetone!  I'm putting together a few nail parties and doing up a bunch of mani's to help my cause!  I figure by the end of June I should be good to go!

In the meantime I do have an old camera that's not so great when it comes to color accuracy.  I hope you'll all be able to bear with me until I get a new one.  

On the bright side I do have a few mani pics I have posted yet with the old camera--may he rest in peace--so I'll post a few of them!
I did a "dirty" gradient with Pure Ice Draped and Soflajo White Sensation
I love this "hot" matte look for summer!!!!
It's almost blinding!
I can't believe I used to hate matte!  Crazy!!! I really love it!!!
There's just something about pink, white and black together don't you think???!!!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend and good day back at work yesterday!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

Hi Everyone!  A Happy Memorial Day to all.  I'm not really sure why we call it "happy" when it's a day we set aside to honor our fallen military men and women who have given their lives in service to our country.

So today most of us are off work--it's a federal holiday.  It's usually spent barbequeing and hanging with friends and family.  I am eternally grateful for the many sacrifices given by our military so that I have the freedom to spend my time with my friends and family
Please take time today to remember those who have given up their life to keep us safe.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hi Ho it's off to 'faux' camping we go!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Saturday!!!!  We are loading up the car right now to head out to the camp ground.  For years we have been going out to Timber Trails Camp Ground in West Bend, WI.  It is a really nice camp ground with plenty of trees and it looks so lush and lovely this time of year.  Weather wise we are looking at cloudy in the high fifties possibly low 60's.  No rain in the forecast though!

I'm bring out a bunch of neons and my Summer Zoya collections both these year and last year and a few of my stamping plates so I can do nails out there for the crew.  Today is taco day so I've got my guacamole fixins all packed up so I can make it before we eat AND a nice huge tub of good old Texas Caviar as well!  It's going to be so much fun!!!

I tossed together a quick neon gradient as I know it will be well appreciated by niece Alex, who has already said I better not forget the neon's lol!

Too bad there's no sun!
I stamped using BM318 and Mash-41 which I think are perfect images for any neon!!

Here's my inspiration!
Sure wish there would be some of these pretty hibiscus where we're going!

I hope everyone has a great day today--remember to be wary on the roads during this holiday season!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Once you go matte . . .

Hi Everyone!! Happy Friday!!! And if you're in the states happy three day weekend woot!!!!  I'm going to be doing the faux camping this weekend.  Like every Memorial Day Weekend it's not supposed to be warm.  So instead of tent camping in the cold and damp we are driving to and from Saturday and Sunday to enjoy all the fun of camping without the misery LOL!  Call me a cheater I don't care, I'm old and just don't want to stay over in a cold tent!!

I can't wait though!  We are having tacos one night and pulled pork the other!!!  OOOOH yummy!  I'm in charge of guacamole and Auntie Laurie's noodle salad, and OF COURSE I'm bringing out some polish to do some mani's and pedi's.

Today I have a super lovely mani to show you if I do say so myself!  I mixed up some gorgeous matte with a gorgeous textured polish and move over Babs and Judy Garland because a STAR IS BORN!

I used my Kiko 646 from the Kiko Sugar Mat collection and the white is the gorgeous White Sensation from Soflajo!
I super love this white matte!!
I stamped using the lovely (and one of my all time faves) BM323 and DRK-A

I switched it up later with some topcoat!!  I love the Kiko with a topcoat almost as much as alone!
Look at all that sparkly goodness!

What do you think?  Do you like it better matte or shiny?

Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!!  AND Happy and Safe Memorial Day weekend to my US readers!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A long time coming!

Hi Everyone!  Today I'm helping raise some awareness about Celiac's Disease.    It took the medical field a long, long, LONG time to figure out what this disease was all about and what needed to be done to help those who suffer from it.  My friend Michelle of Ehmkay Nails asked if we could help her out and show our support for Celiac's Disease Awareness in the month of May.  

The colors are green and yellow.  I should be shot because my first thought was green and yellow??? Those colors don't go well together.  OMG and I'm a Packer fan and I said that!  I can't believe it, don't tell anyone ok???  After I pulled myself together I came up with a darn freaking fantastic green and yellow mani!!

I did a water marble accent with Sinful Colors Pull Over and Nails Inc Emerald Park and man they look good together!  

My glitter nails are none other than . . . 
Mustard Fields!!!!! My favorite ever of all time green and yellow glitter!!!!
I'm definitely going to haul this design out again for Packer season!
Who said yellow and green don't go together anyway????!!!!

Celiac's disease in a digestive condition triggered by the consumption of gluten which is a protein primarily found in bread, pasta, cookies, pizza crust, and many other food which contain wheat, barley or rye

People with Celiac's disease who eat foods containing gluten experience an immune reaction to their small intestine and in turn this causes damage to their small intestine and it's left without the ability to absorb certain nutrients.

It's a painful disease that can cause stomach pain and diarrhea, headaches and fatigue, joint pain, and acid reflux and heartburn.  Without the ability of the body to absorb certain vitamins and nutrients your brain, nervous system, liver, bones and other organs are often affected.

There is currently no cure for Celiac's disease, however it can be controlled with a change in a diet, one that excludes gluten from everyday life.

I'm sure you've noticed many grocery stores carrying gluten free products these days, which is great news for the many individuals who suffer from it. 

Often times we take for granted the ability to eat whatever we want whenever we want, but for some people that's simply not possible.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

No roar in this leopard

Hi Everyone!  I hope everyone is safe and sound after the large storm front sweeping the US!  I'm posting something today I actually wore last week and did not like at all.  Here's the kicker though, everyone else who saw it loved it!  I had a lot of high hopes for this baby but it just fell short in my eyes.

I did a half moon mani with Zoya Farah and OPI What Wizardy Is This
Even with the leopard stamping it just really fell short in my eyes
I also had a lot of tip wear with this baby toward the end of the day!

I have decided though, the leopard image is my go to image.  I'm thinking about doing a week long of leopard--so be on the look out for it!

What do you think about this one--winner or not?

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Let's Get Ready To Rumble!!!!!! Zoya Skittle Smackdown!

Hi Everyone!!! Today's challenge theme for Adventures In Stamping is over a skittle base.  This is always challenging for me because it's SO hard for me to be random LOL!  I decided to haul out my Zoya's both old and new and see what I could do.  I yanked both the Stunning and Beach collection out and went to town.  Now mind you I did all 10 fingers so 10 different shades AND I had to try to take pics of the right hand with the left hand and it's not pretty lol!

In this corner the Left Hand!!
From thumb to pinkie--Josie, Micky, Thandie, Darcy and Rocky

And in this corner---the Right Hand!
From thumb to pinkie--Reagan, Lara, Tracie, and Wednesday

And here's a collage of all the smackdown goodness

So my thoughts are I love Reagan so much better one than in the bottle as she dries darker, and I do think I love these year's Stunning collection just a smidge more than last year's Beach.  Stunning has some nice fun bright colors!

Of course the theme is always about STAMPING so I stamped lol!

First up the Left Hand!!!

And now the Right Hand (pictures aren't that clear because when you're 50 you suddenly shake like a drunken sailor while trying to hold steady)

I wanted to keep the stamping simple since my nails were already so busy with skittles so I chose the DRK-B for the butterflies and DRK-C for the flowers

What do you think???  Way too much color on two hands or can you dig it???  Which Zoya collection do you like best?

Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

From Bollywood to Transylvania!

Hi Everyone!  Happy Saturday!!!!  I'm really glad the weekend is here!  I have a few books to read, the sun is shining and it looks to be a pretty productive day today!

AND I finally had a chance to get out and try my color changing polishes from Ruby Wing!  I did a gradient using Crowd Surf and Summer Love and saw some really awesome color changes!  The only trouble I had is "thinking" I had cleaned up well until you see the polish change on your skin!

Here's the progression

Yikes look on that last pic!!!!  I had taken shots of it THEN had to go back in for clean up LOL!  but you can see how dramatic the change is!

Here are just pics of the gradient indoors and outdoors

The color is really fun and summery indoors

Outdoors it reminds me of Fall!

Now here's my stamping over it!!!!

When I went back out the sun was hiding so I was never able to get shots with the stamping over the super dark change darn it!
Sat in the car for this on LOL!  I put my hands outside of the sunroof and then took some shots!

I stamped using Konad M83 because I HAD to have that plate after I had seen some stamping Cris from Let Them Have Polish did.  I really love the plate but have only used this image so far--time to fix that LOL!

What do you think of this color changing polish???? Isn't it different??  I'm glad I have a few.  I even have a cool glitter one that changes but haven't tried it yet.  You'll definitely see pics when I do.

Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope you all have a great weekend!!!