Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 17 A New Technique To You

Hi Everyone!! Today is cool mani day!!!  I had been wanting to the do the reverse image technique for quite some time, and tried it once several months ago and it didn't work for me.  The other day in AIS someone posted a youtube tutorial and GENIUS it made the technique look so easy!  The day I got my Shany 2012 set I wanted to use the swan image but just hadn't.  For this technique I came up with a kickass gradient! Check it out!

I hauled out my Revlon Black Pearl and poor no name Hema 42 to do the gradient and mani.  I absolutely love it!

Look how "glowey" it is!!!

Okay so here's my reverse image stamping!
I know it's pretty simple but I just love it!
Even a shot of it in the shade looks good!
And how about that lovely Revlon Black Pearl????? It's a really pretty charcoal shimmer.

Now how did I do this??? Who is the genius behind the fabulous technique I followed????  You can see it HERE!!!!  If you're a stamper you HAVE to try this!!

I feel better after that horrid water color fail now that I've pulled this off!  Let's see if I can continue to feel better tomorrow
Your oldest untried--okay I have a few old untrieds so I'm sure I got this covered.

What technique did my other Tart's come up with???


  1. ahh that is flipping awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing this technique :)

  2. Excellent technique I MUST try this very soon!

    Also your gradient is gorgeous!

  3. How come I didn't comment here yet??? :-O
    This is soooooo pretty!!! I love your swans and how dramatic this entire look is, but your gradient.... *sigh* sublime