Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 18 Your Oldest Untried

Hi Everyone!!!  Today in the Crumpet Nail Tart's 31 Day Challenge we have your oldest untried.  I actually have a few polishes that are pretty old and untried so this was a bit of a challenge for me.  Why are they untried--I don't really know.  But for today's challenge I hauled out my OPI Man From LaMancha.  It was released in 2003 which makes it 10 years old!  In the process of putting it on I decided not to stop there and I layered OPI Rent over it.  Not sure what year Rent came out but it's got to be at least 2003 or 2004

I layered it over black as the first coat seemed sheer.  Great idea to layer it over black!
Man From LaMancha is a gorgeous red to orange to amber duochrome.  Check him out in the shade
Here's a pretty decent pic of the fade amber orange to red

I stamped over him (of course) with DRK-C plate
I had some issues with the black not sticking in spots but instead of removing it I left it as is--a distressed wall so to speak!

I need to pull this out and wear it more often.  In fact I'm thinking of a La Boheme and Man From La Mancha gradient in the future!

Let's see what's up for tomorrow!
FAVORITE POLISH!!!! If you know me you know what it is!!

What untried's have my fellow Tarts been sitting on??? Check em out!


  1. Ugh you're lucky you have these :P ! Rent is from the 2003 Broadway collection along with Man From LaMancha.

  2. I'm not an opi fan but this mani really is gorgeous!!!
    I really love those tones and I really like the bricks you put on them. Kinda like - you tried to block them but they burst out with all those colors... Perfect!!!