Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 7 Ombre or Skittle

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Monday!!! I forgot to report back yesterday the Packer's won their first game in the play offs!!!  My son thinks it's because of the Frozen Tundra Kringle we got to eat while watching the game LOL!  I'll post some pics of it after the nail stuff!

So today's theme is Ombre or Skittle.  I gradient ALOT which can sometimes be an ombre, the gradient I did a while back with Save The Date is definitely an ombre, so I thought for a refreshing change I would do a skittle.  I sort of suck at color skittling so I decided on a stamping one.
Quick someone call Justin Timberlake because I brought sexy back!  This is my take on a "sexy" stamped skittle!

I used 2 untrieds for this mani too, Venique Vixen Pump and BeYu209 layered over it which, while some say is a Clarins 230 dupe--it's not, is super lovely!
I used some plates from the 3rd BM set 303, 310 and 323 and well as Konad M71.  I like how this turned out, just wish I was a little lighter handed with the laces on my corset.

Venique Vixen Pump is really lovely, layering the BeYu 209 over it made it EVEN lovelier.  I honestly thought about getting on the Chanel Malice bandwagon but I pulled myself back, I have ALOT of dupes for it or similar colors to it, I just don't need a zillion of these colors especially when I have Vampire State Building! Whew! Crisis Averted!!!

Here's a pic of Vixen Pump and BeYu 209--some have said BeYu is a dupe to Clarins, but as I've have both I can tell you it's not.  It is quite lovely though

As promised here are some pictures of our Frozen Tundra Kringle--frozen tundra is what Packer fans lovingly call the Green Bay Packer's stadium which is really called Lambeau Field

Kringle is a Danish pastry pretty exclusive to Racine, WI where I live.  I grew up on this stuff and O & H Bakery is the best in town!  The Frozen Tundra is cream cheese and dark chocolate chunks.  It was fabulous!

Okay so I've brought sexy back and showed you some yummy food so let's check out what's up for tomorrow with the Tarts!
Duochrome, Flakie or Holo!!! Okay 2 out of 3 ain't bad!!! I love me some duochromes and flakies!!!!!!

Let's see what everyone else came up with for today's theme!