Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 13--Cheer Yourself Up Mani

Hi Everyone--wow sad day here!  The Packers lost to the 49er's last night! UG! It was just awful.  Why we don't put the hurt on a QB who runs with the ball I just don't know.  I was really hoping I wasn't going to have to cheer myself up but alas I did!  I didn't even feel like being cheery quite honestly but then 2 things happened.  Number one my friend Marissa got a surprise bottle of Essie Starry Starry Night from her fiance Garrett! O M G !  She about died, and rightly so.  Garrett's lips are sealed as to the who, why, where and what about how this all came about BUT I have a feeling he had some help from a little birdie (named Anissa).  The second Marissa got that bottle she was sending me shots of it asking me if I thought it was legit LOL.  It is SO legit there's no way she can quit--omg that was too corny--really pathetically corny.  

After the Packers lost I started thinking about my first successful franken dupe which was in fact, Essie Starry Starry Night.  I named mine Natural Law after my favorite book by Joey W Hill and even though it's my first dupe and I really love it, I honestly do not wear it often.  In fact I've really only worn it once!  

I also thought about today's AIS challenge which is light stamping over dark which then brings me to the number two part of the things that happened--hey?! I can do both of these challenges with the same mani!  That cheered me right up!

Natural Law isn't really all that special--it's a gorgeous blue with silver micro glitter.  The glitter changes colors in the jelly base so you see more blue colors than silver, but holy cow do I ever love this polish.
I guess blue will always be my "go to" color

It even looks great on my long nails
Still lovely even in the shade!

To get in my AIS challenge of Stamping Light Color Over Dark Base I picked out Pure Ice A List which is a pale blue frost and stamped using the paisley image on BM315

I'm normally not a paisley fan but every time I see someone use it, mainly Amy from I'm Feeling Nailventerous I'm so jealous of it lol!
I have to say I really do love this look and the paisley is so cute!
Even the shot in the shade shows how lovely this mani is!

So there you have it--2 birds one stone.  Thanks Green Bay Packers for a great season!  I love watching you guys play.  A special thanks to Donald Driver for all the years of fantastic sportsmanship we've seen from him.  He is a true gentleman and a great role model.  I truly believe he is the best wide receiver we will ever have.

Okay since I'm crying let's see what's up for tomorrow
Stamping! LOL well this out to be interesting since almost all I ever do is stamp!

Here's what the other Tarts had to do to cheer themselves up over the Packer loss (ha not really but it would be nice to have everyone be sad over that loss LOL!)


  1. this is really pretty, I love natural law, it is still one of my favorite blues I have :) I haven't worn it in a while , I am going to have to change that soon.

  2. Awww Thank Amber!!!!! You really should haul it out, this is only the second time I've worn it and I don't know why!

  3. love this... damn, I want that paisley plate!!

  4. Nicely done, putting two posts together Laurie ih ih :p I like your First Law lol, can I send you my adress?? Kisses