Sunday, June 30, 2013

Don't be afraid of some color!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Sunday!!  I do have a challenge mani done BUT the theme is 4th of July so I'm not going to post it until the 4th!  Instead I'm showing you a mani a friend of mine wanted but she was too afraid to step outside of her comfort zone.  She's a pink girl or a polka dot girl and showed me a picture of a mani she saw on Pinterest and said she wanted it.  Not hard to do, just a gradient with some sparkle on it.  When I came over to do her nails she backed out at the last minute and went with a blush pink and a red heart LOL!

I put this on that night so I could show her how awesome it really is.  Maybe I'll be able to talk her into it one of these days!

It's just a very simple gradient using Zoya Darcy, Thandie and Sinful Color Dream On.  When the gradient was done I topped it with China Glaze Fairy Dust and I decided not to stamp on it at all!
It's just your standard tequila sunrise gradient, but honestly it never gets old!

I recently discovered when I use the auto setting on the old crappy camera it does a lot of the macro shots with flash AND it self stabilizes!!!  Therefore you may be seeing lots of flash pictures!
I'm really close to my camera fund goal though so I'm guessing by the end of July there will be a new camera in my future!

What do you think of this one?  Are you the type of person to wear this or would you have gone with the pale pink and red heart???

Hope you all have a great day!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Butterflies are free to fly

Hi Everyone!!  Happy Friday!  I sure am happy to see it here!  I don't have a whole lot planned for the weekend.  I'd like to get a few meals made up to have ready for work the next week.  I've been doing low carb and I'm in a bit of a rut so I'm looking for new recipes to give a whirl.  I'm especially wanting something different for breakfast.  You can only enjoy so much eggs and bacon for breakfast for crying out loud!  

To kick off this weekend right I thought it was time for another rim job!  Oh yeah you cannot go wrong with a good rim job I like to say.  That's a shout out to my gals and guys in WON!!!!  I did a gorgeous butterfly wing mani using OPI Golden Eye with OPI Sparkle-cious over it.  I loved it so much I've got shots of it without flash, with flash and shots of it in the car with the sun shining through the moon roof!!

Here are the shots in natural lighting aka work lighting
Look at that sparkle!!!!

GAH! Could it get more stunning???!!!

Yes it can check it out with flash!
OH    EM     GEEEEEEEEEEEEE ! ! ! ! ! ! 

Do have this plate from Nail Craze??? It's NC01!!!

How many times have you sat next to someone in a parking lot or at a streetlight and they were taking pictures of their nails??  If you answered at least once it might have been me you were sitting next too!

Here are shots of the sun beaming down through the moon roof!

In case all these pics blinded you and you can't remember what I said about this mani I'll recap for you.  This is one coat of OPI Golden Eye with two coats of OPI Sparkle-cious (which I've had 2 years and never wore).  Stamped using Nail Craze plate NC01 and China Glaze Passion for the dots on the wings

What do you think about this rim job???  

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Still finding out the hard way!

Hi Everyone!!!  I did a really cool holo gradient a while back and killed it by using topcoat but I still loved the colors so I did it again.  I found out the hard way though Nabi and Seche Vite just don't like each other!  After stamping white over my gradient and then topcoating it, my white didn't stay white! UG I hate when that happens.  So I redid everything, stamped and left it without topcoat--which was SUPER hard for me to do

Here we have it with no flash
I topcoated the gradient but did not topcoat again after my stamping.  And it looks good, nice and white.

Here it is with flash, you get a teeny smidge of holo
But definitely not much!
But here's what I noticed after the day wore on, even my white was "sinking" into the gradient because now it was looking pinkish!
CRAZY!  Still looks good but definitely not the bright white it was when I first stamped.

My gradient is Nabi Holograms Pink Flamingo, Purple and Dark Purple.  I stamped using BM312.

Ever have this happen to you with certain colors or brands?  I've seen this happen with Kleancolor purples as well!

Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Hi Everyone!!! Happy Hump Day!  Looks like we're still in for some stormy weather today so luckily I took shots of this baby last week when it was hot and sunny!

Today I have the incredibly gorgeous Ruby Wing Festival to show.  I really want to thank my friend Jen, from Jen's Nail Files on Facebook, for getting me this incredibly gorgeous polish!  Ruby Wing polishes are UV light sensitive polishes, so unlike thermal polish they change color depending on indoor or outdoor lighting.

This is the gorgeous Festival inside
It's a lovely lilac holographic glitter polish
Really beautiful!!
Here it is blurred so you can see it's lovely bling
This is what happens the INSTANT you go outside!
Excuse some of the cuticle mess!  I put this on at work and you can't see if you've hit skin until it darkens LOL!
Isn't it just stunning??? My friend and coworker Angelika went out with me so I didn't look like a dork taking pictures outside at work alone and she could not believe it!
Here are pics of before and after together
And I even managed an in between for some reason!
I just love this polish!!!!  Haven't attempted any stamping over it . . . yet!

Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Laser Light Show!

He Everyone!  A very stormy Tuesday to you all!  We have had non stop storming since 2 am!  Luckily we haven't lost power.  Losing power in the summer is no fun when you have 10 chinchillas!  It means packing them all up and getting them to somewhere with air conditioning.  A few times we've had to drive down to Illinois to stay with some breeder friends I have down there.

While I don't have any lightening nails to show you I do have a laser light show looking manicure.

I'm not entirely happy with hit.  Some of the darker neons such as the blue and the purple you can't really see
I also think I should have striped diagonally instead of horizontally
I used BM316 for the stamping and it's a bit tough with the reverse images as you want the black to show up darker than it usually does and I had a bit of balding I had to doctor up
It's definitely a fun mani though!  And a nice way to maybe tone down some neon!

Thanks for stopping by!!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Eye Of The Tiger

Hi Everyone!!!!  Today I'm "tipping" some A$$!!!!!!  Today's theme for Adventures Of Stamping is french tip.  Now since it's stamping and since we all have those pesky french tip images we don't ever use, I took it to mean use one of those ding dang stamping images!  I'm sure other gals will stamp and then do a french tip though.   

For mine I decided to do a gradient french tip--YES gradient french tip with neons even!!!!

This is a gradient using The Nail Junkie's Orange and Watermelon.  These are gorgeous neons with micro and I mean micro holographic shimmer!
I think this turned out quite lovely!
I did put down white first to get the maximum effect out of my neons.

Now here's where the magic happened!
BAZINGA!!!!! Check our this hotness!!!!!!!
My first thought was flames but after I got this image on I really thought it looked more like a tiger.  I polled my friends and they agreed!
I used image M62 to create this awesome look!
But of course it was made more awesome by Nail Junkie Orange and Watermelon!!!
I was so excited to get pics taken I didn't even do a great clean up job LOL!  I've got glitter all over!
I really think I "tipped" a$$ with this manni!!!!  How fun is this for summer??!!!

I can't wait to show the gang over at AIS!

Today mom and I are braving the heat--91 blistering degrees--and going to see Man Of Steel.  It's going to be hard not to eat popcorn so I'm going to bring some cheese curds!  I've got to think outside the box these days!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a great day!

And remember tonight is Super Moon!!! Make sure you check the full moon tonight as it's the closest it will be to Earth this year!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Back into the swing of things!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Saturday!!!! Today I am doing nothing, absolutely nothing, I'm not even getting dressed!  I have had a long and hectic week so today is a day just for me.  I'm going to spend it reading and going through my stash of french tip plates for tomorrow's AIS challenge.  I'm going to snuggle with the cats play with the chinchillas and watch Discovery ID all day and night and not feel a bit guilty about it!

I've got a mani that I like but don't love to show you today.  I even used one of my favorite OPI's ever, Casino Royale, but it just doesn't go all the way for me.

I used China Glaze Awaken for the stamping which is a steel grey which I normally love, perhaps just not with these colors

I feel like my stamped image is so "muddy" sometimes with the squishy stamper I see these results and it doesn't make me happy :(
I will say I think I get the best pics when I take them at work though LOL!
Thankfully I work early in the morning and on days I want to take pics I go in extra early and snap a few before anyone else comes in!
What do you think??  Pass or fail for this one?

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!! And don't forget tomorrow is the super moon, you should make every effort you can to check out the full moon tomorrow!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Holy Hannah!! I hate being this busy!

Hi Everyone!  Man I hate being so busy!  I've done 9 mani's for the camera fund raiser this week--I mean yes I'm thrilled to have so many fab friends and family helping me out but at the same time I haven't had time to do any nail art on my nails! EEK!  I'm wearing a Nabi holo today which is super lovely so I guess it will have to do for nail art!  Let's hope I can get some stamping on this baby later tonight though!

This is called Dark Purple, it's number 15
It's pretty lovely!  I've heard a few people say they thought the Nabi's weren't very holo, I sure think they are!
They remind me of the China Glaze Kaleidoscopes which are my fave holos ever!
Here are some shots I took sitting in the car LOL!  Simply stunning!
I just think a chunky holo is the way to go!
They are such a pretty color in the shade as well
My nails are getting to that freakishly long phaze though so I think it's time to chop them down a bit!

When I get the new camera I've decided to recreate all the mani's I've done on other people--I think it will be a blast!  Hopefully by the middle of July I'll be camera hunting!!!

Tonight is pizza and movie night at my mom's with my sister and niece!!  We're watching Enchanted again because we all love that movie so much!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!