Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 6--Your Favorite Color Family

Hi Everyone!!! Today is your favorite color family in day 6 of the Crumpet Nail Tart's challenge.  Holy cow this was SO hard for me!!! Back in the day or as I like to call BFS BeFore Stamping I did have alot of polishes.  If by alot we are talking about 30 bottles of OPI LOL!  then in March of 2011 my life changed with my first stamping set from Bundle Monster.  I discovered I loved to stamp, I found blogs, I joined PAA, I found a super great community of fellow bloggers and nail polish lovers to hang around with and my 30 bottles grew to mass proportions.  But back in BFS my favorite color family would definitely have been browns and vampy greens.  I know I told you all the story of Olga and her giving me that Disco Blue all those years ago, but back then blue was unheard of really! It was cutting edge!  You could barely find blue!

So I would have to stay my favorite color family did change to blue, but then I looked at my purple drawer in my Melmer and OMG I have more purple then blues and honestly my green drawer is almost filled to capacity too!  How do you pick a favorite color family when you clearly have issues with green, blue and purple?

Simple!!!! You create your own color family and you call it peacock!
This is a gradient of Zoya Suvi, Song & Suri
I had no idea they all started with an S until I posted pics on my blog Facebook wall LOL!

I think my new color family looks darn good!  You know I couldn't just stop here though
So I stamped over it with Cheeky XL B
I added dots of Zoya Charla, Ivanka and Mimi
Many times people will say to me why go to all the trouble of gradienting if you always stamp over it.  Well to me it's not a lot of trouble, and I believe this design has so much more added depth to it now with the stamping over it.

BFS my life was boring--all I did was wear one color of nail polish at a time and that was it, just nail polish.  After BFS my life is alive with color, designs and a different "dressed up digit" every day!

Here's a before and after shot

The top is pretty, the the bottom is spectacular!

So today I got to invent a new color, I named it peacock.  I wonder what's in store for us tomorrow--let's take a look
Ombre or Skittle, hmmm I haven't done very many skittles maybe I should do one.

Let's check out what all the other Tart's have come up!


  1. Lovely! Definitely peacock-y, and I think that is a great color family. :)

    1. Now to get wikipedia and webster to agree to the new color--peacock!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! The added stamping is just incredible! You're sooo creative! AWESOME!

  3. Aww! You're like a pretty peacock!

  4. Love this, I also did the same gradient and stamp twice last year for a peacock themed hen night and wedding. Blue, green and purple are my favourite polish colours too! Even BFNA (BeFore Nail Art: the dark days lol) x

  5. very nice,that's my favorite color scheme right now too!

  6. I always love a good stamped Mani over a beautiful gradient! I do see the point. Stamping over gives your gradient some extra and in the opposite way, the stamping looks so much more spectacular because of the gradient!
    Love it Great job.xx