Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 11--Splatter!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Friday!  Today started out an "ug" day for me with the challenge being splatter in the Crumpet Nail Tart's Challenge.  I suck at splatter and I don't think I'm creative at all when it comes to it.  The only successful one I did was the blood splatter from Halloween.

So what do I do when I'm committed to a challenge and have zero for inspiration?  I check out when some of my blogger crushes are doing or have done and BAM I copy them with a twist.  I totally copied this fabulous gradient and splatter mani idea from Lucy of Lucy's Stash.  She's pretty freaking AHmazing and I love absolutely everything she does.  Please check her's out here because it really is to die for delicious.  If you are just now hearing about Lucy OMG look at every post she's ever done--she is fabulous!

Now don't be alarmed but here's a pic of my gradient sans cleanup

Why clean up when I'm just going to get it messy?  This is Milani White On The Spot, OPI Rising Star and Take The Stage and then China Glaze Electrify.  I didn't have any of the same colors Lucy used so I switched it up to something I did have.  When I first started my nail stamping craze that happened to me ALOT.  But then I would find myself buying TONS of nail polish on ebay just to recreate 1 mani, which seriously is crazy!  You don't need to buy every polish--omg I might get kicked out of the "community" now!! LOL!

Here's my splatter

It's okay--it's not fantastic, it's just okay.  Despite pretty much copying Lucy's mine is still not as cool as hers is!
I'm glad I'm doing this challenge because it makes you step out of your comfort zone and do something different for a change

And I think I should be practicing some more splatters so I hope I remember to do more after this challenge is over.

I'm a bit ahead on my nails in comparison to the days and the people at work were in awe of these yesterday.  Too bad they won't get to enjoy my tape mani!!!

And that is what's in store for tomorrow
I have the coolest idea in my head for it so let's hope I can make it work!

Make sure to check out all the Tart's and their splatters!