Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 14 Stamping

Hi Everyone! Oh lord when this day was first revealed in the 31 Day Crumpet's Nail Tart's Challenge I was scratching my head in wonder.  I stamped almost everyday--I rarely wear a mani with no stamping on it.  So how am I going to stand out on day Stamping???  Ninja's to the rescue!!!  Recently I got both the DRK-B and DRK-C from Ninja Polish.  I was wishy washing on which one as I planned on just getting one but then I kept seeing images from both I just loved so I had to get them both.  

In the process of putting together my "stamped" mani I got to use some really gorgeous polishes!  OPI My Private Jet, Butter London Teetotal, Zoya Pasha and Kiko 399.  I've had My Private Jet for years--since it first came out. Yet today's the first day I put it on.  See!  I have WAY too much polish!  If you're not wearing MPJ and you've owned it since 2007.  I bought it before I was into stamping.  To be honest I didn't really care for it much.  It was too sheer.  Tonight I decided to try my hand at a color skittle and first went to use my DS Desire but the color was totally off.  I hauled out My Private Jet and BAM perfect skittle!
When I saw the passport/luggage stamp image on DRK-C I knew I would use it for this mani!  I just love it!
Did you get a load of that Kiko Taupe??? OMG a taupe aka a nude and I love it!
I took a pic with flash to see if the holo would be more gorgeous
Hmmmm not really!!  I just love that Butter London Teetotal too, I feel like I've abandoned brown--my first love.  I need to use brown more often and what better time of year than Winter!?!

Here's the case of characters--ignore the long hair on Teetotal LOL!  I had no idea it was even there until after I took the picture!
Pasha was the very first Zoya I ever bought.  I love it.  For me it's the perfect nude.  I did order Farah the other day so I'm anxious to see which one I'll like best between the two of them.

I'm really excited about me new DRK's too and can't wait to use them more often.  My nails are really long now so it's nice to have some plates large enough for me to use without cutting them down.  Eventually they are going to have to get cut down though.

Let's see what's up for tomorrow

 Watercolor.  I haven't ever tried one, wonder if it will turn out!

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  1. OH wow, that Kiko is amazing! They have fabulous polishes. I love the stamp, so original x

  2. I really dig that postage stamp (haaa) that you used!