Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It never gets old!

Hi Everyone!  I'm pulling out the crackle today and not just any crackle--I'm pulling out the neon crackle!  Last summer my sweet friend Marissa sent me the whole collection of WetnWild  Craze neon crackles.  This is what happens when you have over 1000 bottles of nail polish--it takes you a year before you get around to wearing an untried!  I decided to haul these babies out and do something with them.  

Neon gradient!
I painted the pink and orange onto a sponge and then dabbed over white for a seamless flow
The pink is Pretty Pink Punk and the orange is Inmate In Love--the names crack me up!
I totally copied my friend Cristina from Clockwise Polish with the stamping and stud idea!  She used the same look for her AIS Sunday Challenge--stamping over saran wrap base

Pretty Pink Punk

Inmate In Love
Right hand looks great too!
And thanks to Rejuvacote the "man" thumb is nice and long--FINALLY!

I stamped using the butterflies from my DRK-A plate
They don't look bad upside down either!

The other day i came across an article where some in the fashion industry where referring to nude polishes as the best choices to wear.  The women they interviewed said nail art, crackle neon and glitter were for 13 year old girls and under.  Not sure who the hell she thinks wears nail polish.  Not too many girls I know 13 and under can afford Chanel, Dior, Essie, OPI, Zoya, Illamasqua and Butter London.  NUDE NAIL POLISH SUCKS!  And all those great quality name brand companies don't make nearly as many nudes as they do fun blues, greens, oranges, yellows, reds and purples!  

Nail art is totally in and it's where you want to be!

Car is going into the shop today to find out what's wrong with him--let's all keep our fingers crossed it's nothing too major!  

Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Monday, July 29, 2013

My friend Jin Fascinates me!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Monday!  It's another day I'm dragging my butt in at 6am!  At least I don't ever run into traffic going in this early LOL!  I've got a color thermal polish to show you today.  My friend Jin of Superficially Colorful made this all on her own!  It's gorgeous!  It's called Fascinate and it changes from purple to periwinkle blue in a cold to warm change.

The sad thing is it's so freaking cold where I work I didn't get the gradient effect too much!  UG!  I swear it's like a freezer on our side of the building.  We all look like it's winter outside the way we have to dress for work!

Here are some pics of it where you can see the gradient--it's normally a matte finish but I did a topcoat of Seche Vite on it

I love a thermal polish as it's a built in gradient!

I decided to top a couple accent nails with Red Dog Designs Let Freedom Bling and it's just stunning!

As you can see while at work in the below zero weather in the office there's no gradient.  Now check it what it looks like walking outside and getting in the car!

Isn't it the neatest thing???!!!!!!  I really love both thermal and solar polishes, it's so cool to see more than one color out of the same polish!

The car is sick so hopefully he's getting in to the doctor today.  Let's all hope it's a fairly cheap fix!

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wrap it up!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Sunday--I was MIA yesterday due some much needed rest and relaxation.  Working all that over time took a toll on me so I lazed around, watched Discovery ID all day and read some hot romances.  WHEW!  I feel totally refreshed!  I did have a bit of a struggle with today's AIS challenge though!  Usually I have a great idea when a theme is picked however yesterday I was really struggling.

The theme for today is over a saran wrapped base.  There are a lot of cool saran wrap mani's out there, I just wasn't feeling any of them!  I decided to look through my stash and try to work out something with some untrieds I have.  Nothing stood out too much then I hit the brown drawer and I snagged Essie Mink Muffs and Zoya Cheryl (which I've owned for 2 years and never put on once and added a bottle of Zoya Pasha to the mix!

I really love how this non traditional for summer mani turned out!  
I did 2 coats of Essie Mink Muffs first--let it completely dry and then topped it with a coat of Zoya Pasha and dabbed away with the saran wrap.  When that was dry I put a dab of Zoya Cheryl on a metal plate and then dabbed the saran wrap into and splodged it on randomly. 
 Honestly I wish I had a copper metallic to stamp with--but I didn't have anything light enough so I reached for Maybelline Bold Gold and DRK-B and stamped a couple of accent nails because I liked just the base so much I didn't want to completely cover it

I added the matte top coat because it just looks so much better matte!  Check out thumbie!
I should do these saran wrap mani's more often!

Hope you're all having a great weekend!  Mom and I are off today to check out The Wolverine!  Hottie Hugh Jackman to the rescue!!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Owl be glad when it's over!

Hi Everyone!!!! Happy Friday!!!! Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of days but I've been working a lot of overtime and I've just been so tired!  I've been doing 10 1/2 hour days so when I get home all I really feel like doing is eating and going to bed!  UG it sure is a big difference from being 20 to being 50!  Back in day I would get 2 hours of sleep and still be good to go for the day--not now LOL!

I do have a cute mani to show you today though!  Last year I got a package with some of the Funky Finger solar polishes from my sweet friend Holly.   It was a nice surprise package for sure!   I don't have any 5 Below stores here in Wisconsin so imagine my surprise when she sent me 4 of the polishes!  I also picked up a couple of the feather effect polishes from China Glaze's Horizon collection so I decided to pair one up with my Funky Fingers

I'm wearing Funky Finger Lil Miss Sunshine which looks like it changes to orange outside but really changes to a sweet little yellow!  I'm also wearing You're A Hoot by China Glaze.  I decided to keep with the owl theme and stamped some owls from DRK-B

This is Lil Miss Sunshine indoors
As you can see I added some colored dots as well.  I felt about like Sarah Smith LOL!
I do love the feather look polishes and you can easily stamp over them which I'm sure I'll be doing in the future!

Here's what Lil Miss Sunshine looks like outdoors
What a cute butter yellow!!!!

I took these pics outside my mom's condo the other night.  The neighbors were out and I'm sure they thought I was quite mad LOL!!!

I do really love thermal and solar polishes!  Can't wait to try out some more!

Thanks for stopping by!!!! I hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A tip for you!

Hi Everyone!!!  I've got a tip for you about what to do with all those tip images you get in plate sets.  I'm not really a french tip sort of gal but I also feel so guilty when I have plates I don't use!  I like to "stack" my tip images over my entire nail so I can get some use out of them.  Usually I go over my nail 3 times to get full coverage.

This time I used 2 images from BM218 to create this look!
Lining up on the nail sideways is the easiest way for me to double and triple stamp
I think they look a lot better as a full image rather than a french tip image!

I'm wearing the super gorgeous China Glaze DV8 with this--isn't it stunning?!

This mani is definitely a lot easier to work with LOL!  I did wear my spikes all day yesterday but since I had a lot of trouble with them when going to the bathroom I took them off.  It wasn't a "wiping" issue at all, it was an issues with trying to pull your pants up and down!  I was scratching myself in the process!

Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Monkey See, Monkey Do Monday--Nails Like Lace

Hi Everyone--I absolutely cannot believe this mani I have to show you today.  It is SO FAR beyond my comfort level I can't even fathom I've done this and am wearing it!  I worked on this yesterday and honestly it did not take me long to do at all.  I took a million pictures of it so bear with me.  

I've actually done the base for this mani before.  I did a gradient using China Glaze No Plain Jane, Deviantly Daring and Rare and Radiant.  I stamped using BM313.  I always said I wanted to some back and do a full manicure like the accent nail I did long ago well today is that day ONLY I got to make this into a Monkey See, Monkey Do post for me as I saw this amazeballs Dinosaur/Dragon looking manicure over at Nails Like Lace.  She did this back in April and I've finally taken the plunge to recreate it!

I'm just going to post the pics I took--First up is pics without flash

Here are pics with flash

I took a few in the shade as well but still didn't really capture the duochrome

This manicure is not really "me" at all but because of that it's totally me!!!  It's not practical at all, it's probably totally not work appropriate yet I'm going to show everyone at work including both of my bosses this amazing manicure tomorrow and I know I'm going to get kudos from them both.

I'm glad I'm learning to step outside the box--I think a whole new world awaits me with these spikes!

I got my spikes as well as my studs for my neon mani I posted the other day from The Born Pretty Store .  They have free shipping and can't beat that!

I did lose a few spikes throughout the day yesterday--I lost a couple while cooking so I had to really reinforce and make sure they rest were very secure.  All I used was Seche Vite.

I hope you enjoy this one--I know I sure do!  And thankfully I have a few posts ready for the rest of the week so I don't have to take this baby off right away!!!

Thanks for stopping!!!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!