Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 10--Geometric!

Hi Everyone!  Day 10 in the Crumpet Nail Tart's Challenge is geometric.  I decided to revisit a gradient.  I did this gradient awhile ago and absolutely loved it.  I was sitting her the other day wondering why when I do a gradient I usually only use it once.  I mean why? That's sort of ridiculous to not use a polish more than once so I happily hauled em all out and went to town.
I used this gradient a few months ago to do a "Mayan" theme.  I really loved it, I think it's one of my coolest gradients.
The colors are WetnWild Sunny Side Up, OPI OPI On Collins Ave, Finger Paints Vintage Velvet and China Glaze Shower Together

I stamped over it with Cheeky XL A and DRK-A
Here's a funny store, my friend Silver of thought the soccer ball image was cool.  I'm thinking to myself "soccer ball???--what soccer ball??"  Then it dawned on me and I said "you mean the beehive image?" LOL!  We both laughed--one man's soccer is another man's beehive I guess!!
Here's another little tidbit.  Many times people ask me how long it takes me to do my nails.  I also answer not very long.  Well with this one I decided to time it exactly.
It took me 20 minutes to gradient this on both hands.  7 minutes to stamp both hands and 5 minutes to clean up both hands
So less than an hour for this mani--probably less than it takes to get them done in a salon.

AND just to show you this is, in fact, a full two handed mani here's the right hand with it
I used different images for the right hand, and the colors look "off" in this side by side, but gradient is the same.  

I guess I just don't ever get tired of gradienting!

What's up for the Tart's tomorrow?
Splatter--ug!  I am not a good splatterer.  I might need some help and inspiration for this one!

Be sure to see what everyone else did for their geometric mani!


  1. your gradients are always amazing!

    1. Thanks Danielle!! I feel like I need to start branching out but I can't help it, I love a good gradient!

  2. this gradient must be one of your masterpieces. I salute you, Laurie, master of the gradients!