Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 27 Inspired By You!

Hi Everyone!  Wow what a harried day today's challenge became!  Today's theme in the Crumpet Nail Tart's 31 Day Challenge is Inspired By You. I had all these super good intentions for a fabulous mani for today.  Inspired by me I mean come on!  I could fit chinchillas, food, hot cowboys, crackle, magnetics, gradients, foils mermaids, dragons, animal print and stamping onto 10 fingers somehow!  What ended up happening instead were a few hours spent in the Emergency Room with my mom and sister.  We had to call 911 for my mom yesterday and she thought she had the flu and was very dizzy and could not even lift her head.  Turns out she has a raging kidney infection due to some kidney stones.  Mom has had this kidney stone problem before but never got so sick from it.  So after a few hours in the ER and her getting settled back at home with a babysitter of Lynelle my little sister last night, I got home to try to work on a mani.

I knew I would be back with mom today so I stayed up late--and by late I mean LATE working on this thing.  I tried to get as much as I could into this mani but also had to settle for something that looks good as today is our office Christmas party.  So I settled on a crackle, magnetic, gradiented dragon look starring some of my favorites--The Bohemians!
My index is Ninja Polish Nebula with SoflaJo Black Dagger on it! How cool is that???!!!
This really took hours but only because I redid my ring and pinkie a couple of times until I got a look I liked
 Here's my left hand in the "claw" lol!  Look at the thumb. Don't you just love a Bohemian sponged on gradient????

Here it is up close
GAH I love The Bohemians!!!!

I used BM313 for the ring and thumb and BM217 for the index
The pinkie is just black with China Glaze Oxidized Aqua over it.  I tried to use a few of the crackles I have and nothing really looked as good until I did the Oxidized Aqua over black

Check out the shade pics
That matte over Nebula is just amazeballs AND the magnetic gradient in the shade looks really cool too
Maybe one day I'll be able to fit more of "me" into a mani.  But for today I have to say this one kicks some serious A$$!!!!!!!!

Almost done now, what's up for tomorrow???
Well this will be interesting because my favorite color is yellow and yellow nail polish is something I don't have a lot of!  Nor does yellow look good on me in any way shape or form LOL!

What makes up my fellow Tart's?? Check em out!


  1. How did you do the Nebula and Black dagger??? What did you stamp on what??? It looks so great I gotta try it too!!!
    And I think my most favorite nail is your ring. YUMMM!!!
    I hope your mom will get better real soon!!

  2. My favorites are your thumb, index, and middle fingers. They are all awesome!!

  3. Hope your mom gets well soon.
    And the mani looks awesome:D

  4. Mom is doing much better! Turns out she has a kidney infection so we got some antibiotics in her and we're hoping to get her back to her old self real soon!