Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 15--Water Color

Hi Everyone!! Welcome to day 15 Water Color of the Crumpet Nail Tart's Challenge, it's also what I like to refer to as the ugliest manicure on the planet! UG!  I cannot do a water color manicure to save my life!  I did everything right I followed Miss Jen Fabulous' tutorial on youtube (see it here) But nope! There was no hope for me and this manicure!

This is BY FAR the worst manicure I've ever done.  I'm not going to lie either I had it on about 30 minutes and took it off!
I thought about stamping over it because stamping usually fixes everything but I didn't because sometimes failures should be seen.  I'd like to try a water color manicure again and hopefully when comparing the two I'll see how much better I've gotten at it.

Let's see what's up for tomorrow--hopefully something much better and something I can actually do!
Color Opposites--hmmm hopefully I can pull that off!  I've got a great idea for Day 17 I hope that I can pull that off too!

I'm sure the other Tart's have done some amazing water color mani's let's check em out shall we?