Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Destination Duo Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer and 6 Harts Polish

Hi Everyone Happy Wednesday!  Recently I was asked if I would review the July Destination Duo for Blue Eyed Girl and 6 Harts.  I was sent both polishes for my honest and unbiased review. When I saw the inspiration pic I knew this would be some very unique to summer colors.  Typically we think bright bright bright and neon for summer but there's a lot of summer to be had and depending on where you live and what you like to do Summer isn't always bright.

Sometimes Summer is a weekend getaway Up North where everything smells like pine and the scenery is full of rock formations and trails that lead you on a grand adventure.  Give me an Up North camping getaway any day!

My first swatches for you are from 6 Harts Polish.  Her contribution to the July Destination Duo is called Rocks Of Ages.  It is a lovely medium grey chock full of micro color shifting microflakes as well as green and dark grey microflakes. The flakes are very subtle in the polish so that you get a hint of a various shifts and colors.  The true beauty is the perfect grey creme.  I just adore grey nail polish don't you?
 I had no issues with the application other than like all indies for me it tended to be slightly thicker than mainstream polishes.  Most likely due to all the microflakes scattered throughout
This is definitely a cool grey which is perfect for my skin tone
I love the subtle flakes throughout this gorgeous grey.  
Truly gorgeous and the name is perfect for this color!
This is the perfect color for a respite from all the bright neons out there right now and will be fantastic come Fall

This is the picture Courtney from 6 Harts shared with me from which she drew her inspiration
Look at how cool this rock formation is right along the road.  I bet kids everywhere had this as a landmark when they were going Up North for a week of vacation somewhere!

Next up is Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer keeping along with the beauty of nature she's done a very lovely pine green jelly like finish packed with red/gold/green shifting shimmer and tons and tons of gold flakies and there is a fantastic bit of blue micro holo bits in here as well her polish name is Pining For The Pass
This is a very unique color
The color shifting red/gold/green shimmer is quite lovely but hard for me to capture indoors
Check out all that's going on in this polish, the gold flakies are really cool

Here's a shade shot to see how many there are
I think this is going to be an awesome color for Fall and especially Halloween!
The name fits right in with the picture!
You can see a bit of shrinkage at the tips on me as I do always wear at least two coats of Seche Vite over flakie heavy polish to smooth them out like glass.  That's how I prefer mine to look. 
I do really love the little hint of blue sparkle you get with the micro holo flakies.  And speaking of sparkle!! You also get a little bag of glitter with this duo!!
lots of green holo glitters in here with various sizes of green and gold glitter, some chunky white but small bar glitter and vampy red/burgundy.  It's not intended for use in polish but that just means most likely it bleeds in clear.  An excellent way around this when you want to use it, sponge it on with a sponge or makeup applicator!

Both of these polishes applied easily for me, I would simply say again as with most indies for me they seem to be a bit thicker than mainstream polishes but I believe it's because of all the ultrachrome and gold flakies present.  I didn't have any issues at all with application and both polishes took two coats.  I put two coat of Seche Vite Top Coat over both as again I like my flakie polishes to look as smooth as glass.

The July Destination Duo is limited.  Each store will have only 15 sets.  These are available for purchase on July 7, 2016.

Please visit Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer at her Big Cartel Store HERE
6 Harts Polish on Big Cartel can be found HERE

Both of these lovely ladies are also on Facebook!
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer's Facebook page is HERE
6 Harts Polish Facebook page is HERE
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Monday, July 4, 2016

Let Freedom Ring!

Happy 4th of July!  Today I'm spending my freedom by doing nothing other than watching some Discovery ID and reading.  I'm trying to not overdo it today exercise wise.  This is supposed to be my "off" today with no exercise but I might be addicted as it feels like cheating to not do anything.  So instead of aiming for 10k steps today I'm trying for only 5k.

I did get a 4th of July mani done though.  I love how it turned out.  I always try to do something a little different and I think this one worked perfectly
My base colors are Dior Blue Label and Massai two of my favorite blue and reds I own
I stamped with Mundo white with FUN and UC plates
Simple but perfect!

I hope you all have a happy but safe 4th of July!