Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 25--Inspired by your childhood

Hi Everyone!! Happy Friday!  I am SO glad the weekend is almost here.  It is cold, cold, COLD here again and I just really don't feel like going out!  I'm thinking some nice Wisconsin Beer Cheese soup and pretzel rolls from O & H will make the perfect weekend meal!

Today in the Crumpet Nail Tart's 31 Day Challenge is Inspired By Your Childhood.  I had thoughts to do an Elvis jumpsuit skittle mani as I loved Elvis since I was 7 years old and he was a HUGE part of my young life.  Then I got an idea for something completely different last night!!!  When I think of my childhood and how happy it was there is just one person that comes to mind--my Grandma Welch.  She was the best grandma in the world!  I only had her until I was 17 and I still feel quite cheated I didn't have her longer.

She was a cake decorator for Lehman's Bakery for over 30 years.  Every year on my birthday she made me a Danish Layer cake.  Because my birthday is on February 12th it either had Abe Lincoln on it or Valentine's Day decoration.  It was ALWAYS delicious.

I miss my grandma alot, I miss her hugs and her smile.  I miss her gentle nature.  Mostly I miss how much she loved me and my sisters.

Today's mani is done with love for my Grandma Welch
I got all cute and sweet with this one!
I skittled with some holos just for my sweet from Jin and hauled out DS Divine and my franken Safe, Sane & Consensual (yikes I shouldn't have used that polish in grandma post!)
I stamped with Konad m83 and DRK-B.  

Here's a nice shot of it with flash
All in all a pretty sweet mani!

Wow we are so close to being done with this challenge--what's in store for tomorrow?
hmmmm Inspired By Your Country--how many red, white & blue mani's can be done??? Can I come up with something different?  Tune in tomorrow to find out!

What did the other Tart's do for their childhood inspiration?  Be sure to check them out!


  1. You are the sweetest and I love you lots! ♥
    And this is a beautiful mani and your story really made me wish I had met your grandma.
    Do have a wonderful and warm weekend!

    1. Thanks my friend!!!! Cold and snowy here BUT it's nice to see some snow for a change!

  2. Love this mani.
    Re: inspired by your country, it popped into my head to do a pale green, pulling from Lady Liberty.

    1. Oooh Lizajane that's a great take on inspired by your country!