Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 29 Inspired By A Blogger

Hi Everyone!!!  Today in the 31 Day Crumpet Nail Tart's Challenge is Inspired By A Blogger.  Several bloggers have inspired me BUT the one who really first caught my eye was Cris over at Let Them Have Polish.  I copied A TON of Cris' mani's.  Her ideas helped me get my own ideas and in time I was actually doing it on my own!  It's exciting, it's fun and being able to come up with a new nail design everyday is something I really love doing.  Cris has done SO many mani's I really love but there's one she did a long time ago I just really loved.  Today I recreated that mani with a twist of my own
Cris did this mani eons ago for a challenge--I thought it only fitting I do it for one as well!  Her original is really gorgeous and you can find it here

Don't you just love a great black and white mani??

I love this mani for few reasons--reason one it has the lovely Fairy Dust!
Number two it has not one by two SoflaJo polishes!!!  I used two matte's from Jody's new collection Matte Love.  She has made incredible white and black's!

Here is White Sensation
And a pic of Black Dagger
Jody sent me a bottle of Black Dagger for review.  She teased me about wanting it only for the name--I'm a Black Dagger Brotherhood lover--but the minute I tried this gorgeous black on I was back buying a full size bottle of this baby!  IT'S GORGEOUS!

We're in the home stretch, only 2 more days to go.  What's up for tomorrow?

Hmmmm Your Favorite Nail Art Technique--can you all guess what that is???

What blogger inspired my fellow Tart's?


  1. Oh yes, I do just love this mani!!!
    SoFlaJo's polishes are amazeballs and your stamping is... well - the best!! Of course, great inspiration too!! ;-)