Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 22 Inspired by Fabric!

Hi Everyone!  Today is inspired by a fabric in the Crumpet Nail Tart's 31 Day Challenge.  I did this one a week ago but knew I would be showcasing it for today's theme!  On Sunday the teams were decided for the Super Bowl and alas Green Bay was not one of them.  That didn't stop me from rocking this awesome tape mani a week ago when we met the 49'ers in the play offs!
Nothing says Green Bay Packers like green and yellow!
This baby was a labor of love and took FOREVER to do! But it was totally worth it!
Are you wondering where the fabric part comes in???
BAM inspired by a Green Bay Packer's jersey!  And the best jersey no less!

#80 is the fabulous, classy, and and handsome Donald Driver.  He is the best wide receiver the Packer's ever had and has been an awesome part of our team for 13 fantastic years!
He is a fierce competitor
A consummate professional athlete
And has the greatest smile in the world!

Thanks for 13 great years of football Donald!  No one to come after you will ever be as great as you are!

Okay now that I'm bawling my head off let's see what's in store for tomorrow
Nature---hmmmm I have a few ideas for this already we'll see what I wind up with

Let's check out my fellow Tarts and see what fabric's inspire them!


  1. Oh wow, he really does have the greatest smile in the world! With a smile like that you can never get depressed! Can he come wake me up every morning?

    Great mani! Did I say that yet?? ;-)
    So accurate and crisp. Perfection. And you didn't even gradient....

  2. you have done an awesome job! love it xxx

  3. I met him, twice! He came to the store I was working in for two signing sessions. The people who got to spend time with him said that he was a real sweetheart. Got my picture taken with him, and I am not short (5'7") but I was only barely up to his shoulders. And those diamonds in his ears? As big as my (nubbin) thumbnails.