Thursday, May 31, 2012

There's no stopping me!

Hi Readers!  I guess there is just no stopping me when it comes to great gradients!  I saw a pic of a gradient similar to this my friend Claude did.  I actually tried it her way and it sucked lol!  I haven't tried a complete linear holographic gradient yet because I am loving these scattered holo ones so much!  Check out my latest creation
The scattered holos I used are A England's Bridal Veil, OPI DS Extravagance and OPI DS Radiance.
Both of these are indoor as i did this pretty late at night.  Here's what happened when I checked them out in the sun the next morning
It is amazing how the sun can really make the difference in a holographic polish
While I did really love this gradient I decided to stamp on it using the same side stamp technique as with the red and black gradient I did last week.  I really love this side of the nail only stamped look!
I used my trusty Milani White On and Mash-29
What I love about it is you can still see the beautiful gradient but also see how it's enhanced with the stamping!
Claudia's original gradient had the light pink in the middle.  When I tried it this way it just did not work!  I'm really happy with how this one turned out though--what do you think?

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let's keep it comin'!!

Hi Readers!  I had SO much fun with the new MASH plates this weekend I couldn't contain myself to just one mani lol!  I sported yesterday's post on my left hand and did a different design on the right!  I decided to stay with the neon gradient theme and again I really love this one!  What is wrong with me Readers??? I'm liking some pastels and neons all of a sudden.  I could try to say midlife crisis but I'm past midlife LOl!  Here's my neon right hand and just a warning my right hand does not lay nice lol!  What is UP with that???
This time I went with a yellow, green, blue gradient.  I don't have a neon blue so I had to settle for a blue I had--I still think it looks good
My left hand looks normal when I hold it like this don't you think?  Just a nice regular looking hand.  Even holding it like this it's still okay
But OMG look what happens when I try to get my thumb in there!
It now becomes attack of the giant claw hand!  The index fingers swings out and not of them line up together and don't even get me started on that "man" thumb! So now you know why you don't see my right hand in many pics lol!
Here's a picture of the polishes I used and how the sponge looked
Colors left to right are Le Femme Beauty Ultra Yellow, China Glaze In The Limelight and China Glaze Shower Together.  I stamped with Kleancolor Black using Mash-42.
And YES this is exactly how I looked walking around the past couple of days!
I even attempted a "The Carly" a split shot like my friend Carly from the Lacquered Lover does.  She is WAY better at it than me lol!
So how about both of these fabulous neon mani's using the new MASH plates??? I love them both so no way could I decide which one is better!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Color me surprised!

Hi Readers!  Today I'm featuring something I always said I was not a big fan of and I love it!  Today I have a neon gradient with a design from the new MASH plates!  First of all let me talk about the plates for a bit.  I LOVE THEM!  The new set has 25 plates with unique and fantastic designs.  Just like their other plates this quality on these plates is exceptional--they have a back and no sharp edges on them.  They stamp like a dream!  I had to pinch myself a few times as I thought I was dreaming to be offered such a great product to review!  Okay here's the WAY cool mani I did with them!
Look at these great swirls!!!  A total nail image that allows you to still see what polish is underneath! LOVE IT!
And who knew I was going to love this neon gradient so much??? Definitely not me!
I really have James from Men And Polish to thank for this!  I asked him what he was going to do for his weekly pedicure and he said neon.  His pedi ROCKS orange neon with black stripes and he even got some rhinestones YES rhinestones on his manly looking feet and it looks fantastic!! Check it out here
So when I was trying to decide what color I was going to use to work with these new plates I said "okay let me haul out the neons"  I only have the neons for my niece Alex lol!  She loves them and tries to get them every time she's over here for a mani lol!
I think this design might make a really fun ring too!  I'm going to be working on that in the weeks to come as summer is finally upon Wisconsin!
Here's a picture of the polishes I used and how the sponge looked
Polishes from left to right are La Femme Beauty Ultra Yellow (got this one in a swap package) China Glaze Orange Knockout and China Glaze Purple Panic (which to me looks pink lol).  The plate I used from MASH is Mash-40.

You can see an individual picture for all the new MASH plates on my friend's Jackie and Carolina's blogs.  The new set is available now for purchase and what a deal at $12.99 for this set.  SERIOUSLY WHAT A DEAL!!!  You can purchase them here If you are already a stamper you will love them, if you've been wanting to stamp but haven't these are SUPER friendly stamping plates!  You will have no issues with these whatsoever and this is a great set to sink your teeth into!

What do you think of this mani Readers?  Do you think it would make a cool summer ring?

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do Monday--Chalkboard Nails!

Hi Readers!  Many of you know I have a deep fondness for Sarah of Chalkboard Nails.  Even though I like to bust her hump about her big head the truth is, she is a super great gal and one of the nicest nail polish friends I have.  She's sickeningly talented UG!  She did this one awhile ago BUT she showed the pic to me before she blogged about it and I was IN LOVE with it!  I really wanted to  try it out myself BUT I didn't have the polishes to do it at the time.  Well guess what???!!! I didn't have this time around either so I had to improvise!  It's amazing the things you can do when you put your mind to it!  Here is my version of Sarah's Harlequin Nails
Instead of using the Spiderman Metallics as Sarah did I used Revlon Carbonite to replace Number One Nemesis and Revlon Black With Envy to replace Into The Night.  I was lucky enough to have OPI Just Spotted The Lizard.  I used OPI Alpine White as a base before I got to taping!
Look at the lovely that is Just Spotted The Lizard!!! GAH it's gorgeous!
I loved staring at in the shade but then look at it in the light!
Now shade again with the cool antique "slave" ring I bought awhile ago!
Man this is a GORGEOUS mani!!!
I got a bazillion compliments on this one too.  Sorry Sarah but I took ALL the credit!  When everyone asked where I got them done I simply smiled and said I did them myself.  Then their eyes goggled out of their heads as they looked at me in disbelief but yes this is my hobby and I am good at it lol!  I didn't tell them I totally stole the idea but I'm telling you.  I TOTALLY STOLE THIS IDEA FROM THE GREAT AND WONDERFUL SARAH!! Check out here original mani of it here.
Here's a nice side by side pic of mine and Sarah's
If you're not following her blog you should, she is AHmazing.  Don't tell her that though because I'm worried her head is going to get SO big she won't be able to get in and out of the door anymore!

Lots of my friends have joined in for Monkey See Monkey Do Monday!!!  I'm too lazy to re-up the current list lol, thankfully we have our Inlinkz code!!  Check out my partners in crime (and welcome new ones) in

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Stamping Challenge--Moves Like Gentry!

Hi Readers!  Really the Sunday Stamping in Adventures In Stamping on Facebook is pets BUT after I did this one I said OMG this is adorable and therefore a Gentryish mani!! You all know I have a sweet nail polish friend Jacki, from Adventures In Acetone who can do "cute" like nobodies business so today this one is totally dedicated to her! And in case you've always wanted to know if Jacki really is as sweet as she seems from her blog posts YES--YES SHE IS!  While I'm showing you this super cute mani try to have the theme from Moves Like Jagger in your head!
I had to go with cats and dogs because as far as I know there aren't any chinchilla images lol!  I got the idea for this color scheme from my niece Alex.  She is graduating next week from high school and she, her mom and I got together earlier this week and made the invitations to her party with these colors, pink yellow and blue!
Isn't this hot pink crackle so much fun????!!!!!! I love it over blue and yellow!
I got to use my beloved skelly fish image too so this is just too purrrfect!! LOL!  I used BM04 and Milani White on for the skelly fish.  I freehanded the bones with Milani White On.  I stamped using SH08 and Kleancolor Black for the cat and dog.  The paws were from CH27 and SH08.
Here's a picture of the polishes I used 
In honor of the pets challenge here are pics of my pets
Baxter is our only cat right now.  We lost his sweet brother, Sam, to an illness 2 years ago
I have several chinchillas!!!
You may have noticed my last little guy, Herman, has some limbs missing.  He was born with only one complete limb--a back leg.  He has no paws to hold with but he doesn't let any of that stop him!  Some people were afraid he would have no life and not be able to move but actually he hops and jumps just like all the other chinchillas I have.  

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Better late than never!

Hi Readers!  I'm almost a week behind posting the Sunday Stamping Challenge mani lol!  I was excited for this weeks challenge too because I got to use the new MASH plates I was sent for review!  Before I get into the mani I just want to say the new MASH plates are fantastic!  Several of my blogger friends and you tube friends have reviewed them as well, and since the plates are out and available for purchase now I'm not going to go through posting the pics of all of them.  What I will do is link you!!!
Check out Carolina's pics of the whole set here
Check out Jackie's pics and review here
Check out Gina's youtube post here
The challenge for Sunday was The Sky's The Limit but meaning sky and anything related to sky not whatever you want goes lol!
I chose a lovely blue franken I made and then several MASH images
I went into outer space with this one lol!  
The MASH plates are just awesome!  They have fantastic images and fantastic quality
The crescent moon is from Mash-32, the comet is Mash-33, and the ringed planet is Mash-34.  I used Sally Hansen Chrome pen is silver to stamp.  The MASH plates are available for purchase right now and I highly recommend them!  If you are a seasoned stamper or a first time stamper this is an excellent set for a great price!  Check them out at

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Friday, May 25, 2012

It's a great gradient day!

Hi Readers!   The girls and I got together again for another group project and we decided on gradients!! WOOT!  As you all know I am horribly addicted to gradients and it sure doesn't appear that I'll be stopping anytime soon.  I think today's gradient is going to surprise you though.  I love it so much I am not going to stamp over it.  That's right absolutely no stamping.  I'm sure you'll be able to tell why lol!  I've done some really pretty gradients (with the exception of the craptastic pastel one).  I've done some nice creams and scattered holos so today I thought "hey what about a duochrome gradient?"  "can it even be done????!!!!!"  Yes--YES Readers, it can be done.  Behold the glory that is a duochrome gradient
I chose my beloved Sally Hansen Burgundy Orchid, Garnet Lapis and Turquoise Opal for my gradient.  Not much to say other than to show you the pics!
These few are all indoor with natural lighting
This is what happened when I went outside to run errands
OMG did you see that??? Why oh why does all the world think the real beauty is in holographic polishes???? Look how this sparkles in the sun!!!
Here's one thing I did discover--tipped just right where in the sun it's hard to see the gradient.
Instead there's just a gorgeous shimmery, sparkly burgundy!
Here's a picture of the stars of the show!
Left to right Sally Hansen Burgundy Orchid, Garnet Lapis and Turquoise Opal.  Poor Garnet Lapis is naked but that's okay he likes it like that.
I used one nice thick coat of WetnWild Black Creme before doing my gradient as the Sally Hansen Prisms really come to life over black.

What do you think Readers?  Do you think a duochrome gradient is the shizz or is this not your cup of tea?  Can you see why I needed no stamping necessary for this beauty?

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!!  Make sure you check out all the gradients my friends did!