Monday, February 29, 2016

Must be Leap Year!

Hi Everyone!  Happy Monday!  I'm not sure about you but today at work we just had nothing but weird stuff happening today!  First of all the office was invaded by stink bugs.  Now by invaded I mean 2 but still people were freaking out all over the place. It's a bug, it was on the ceiling it wasn't near anyone's desk yet the freak out still occurred.

Next were the strange requests, "Can I do this?"  "Can I do that?" "I want to do do this but I don't have any information you need in order to process this request for me"  OMG it was definitely a topsy turvy day!  Thankfully I have some fabulous coworkers so we just laughed and trudged along.

Since it seemed such a wavy crazy day I decided to do some stamping that looks how this day felt today. I started with a base of Paintbox Polish Pygmy Puff a really neat medium coral color with gold flakies that dries matte.  I stamped with Mundo Aqua and Black again leaving it matte without topcoat.  I used my geometric EDM-09 and FUN 15 plates
I thought about adding some white to this somehow 
I just haven't decided how I could pull it off
I'm still not happy with my camera set up either.  I bought 2 desk lamps thinking they would work great but NOPE totally yellow looking so I'm still climbing in the bath tub taking pictures
Maybe I can toss a few white circles on here tomorrow--we'll see.

Maybe tomorrow will be a perfectly normal day and I wont feel the need to keeps this wavy mani on LOL!

How was your leap year day???

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Digit-al Dozen Does Nail Heroes--Sveta!

Hi Everyone!! Happy Hump Day!  The second I heard about nail heroes I knew I had to do Sveta Sanders because if you are a stamper and you're on IG you know who Sveta is. She is AHmazing!  She stamps, she water marbles, she decals, she does needle drag and dry marble she just does it all.  My friend Arlene aka @boatmate on IG both love to hate Sveta in that "omg we are SO jealous" kind of way.  

Since she always comes up with some really cool and totally new ideas I wanted to recreate a mani she did with a crocodile look
Pretty cool hey??? Sponged on metallic polish over crackle. 
 I miss crackle I think it should make a comeback don't you?
I thought I had done a good job recreating this mani until I went to get a copy of it and my colors are way off LOL.  I used a metallic green from Avon and SH Silver Sweep but you can't really see the green.

Here's Sveta's it's SO cool!
Ahh If I could only be as cool as her!
She has gorgeous long nail beds too!  It's just not fair!
Most of my crackle dried up and I didn't feel like thinning it so I stupidly tossed them out!  Luckily I had my LCN Croco Top and it wasn't dry at all so I could use it.  You know it's going to make a comeback one of these days and I'm going to be sorry I tossed it all LOL!

This has been such a fun week so far.  I can't wait to check out what everyone else has done!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Digit-al Dozen Does Nail Heroes--Louboutin Leopard Print!

Hi Everyone!  I'm continuing on with the nail heroes theme this week and I've combined a couple.  I've paired a kick ass leopard print mani with Louboutin Rouge.  This is hero mani two fold, one who doesn't love animal print??? And two the bottle alone of Louboutin Rouge is kick ass! So today I give you Nail Heroes Louboutin Leopard print
This is a HUGE bottle!
This pic was hard because it's not an easy bottle to hold and then take pics LOL
But check out that sexy red and black gradient on the bottle! KICK ASS!
I'm surprised the red looks good on me because it leans warm and I'm more of a cool red than warm
But it's like the perfect red!  I think it looks good on everyone!
My accent nails base is Paintbox Polish Poppin Bottles which is super sparkly and perfect for my leopard print
I did free hand for my spots and I just do not think I'm at good with the dotting tool as I've seen so many others nail but it is pretty cool
I think if I could only wear one design every day for the rest of my life it would be leopard print!

Yesterday we all paid a surprise homage to Debbie to kick off our Nail Heroes week let's check out what or who everyone did for today!

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Digit-al Dozen Does Nail Heroes--Monkey See Monkey Do Monday--The Crumpet!

Hi Everyone!  Happy Monday to you.  This week The Digit-al Dozen is giving props to their nail heroes.  I think this week is going to be really exciting as we are all so different and have different styles, it's going to be awesome to see who has really inspired us.

Today The Digit-al Dozen is playing homage to our fearless leader.  She started The Digit-al Dozen with a vision for many different talents to come together and represent a common theme.  It has been so much fun.  It's not always fun picking the themes but in the end it makes you reach and grow as a nail artist.

Debbie isn't just a part of my life because of Digit-al Dozen, she also formed the Facebook group Adventures In Stamping many many many moons ago and that's where we first me.  While we live far apart--she's British!  Facebook allows us to have a friendship.  We share many of the same likes--Doctor Who, cats and of course nail art we also have some differences.  I know she will tell you I am a strong woman, but she is an incredibly brave strong woman with a huge heart.

We both fell in love with Messy Mansion's MM20 plate when it first came out so today I recreated a mani she did with it.
Debbie did something I like to do, she extended a mani by stamping over an existing
She did a Northern Lights mani for The Digit-al Dozen Does Countries and then stamped over it.  Seriously MM20 makes any single mani you've done look better
I didn't have any of the colors Debbie used so I had to search my drawers and surprisingly the holos were frankens I made way back when LOL 
I wish mine was a vibrant as Debbie's but it isn't.  Here's a picture of hers
And then here's mine trying her hand pose which is not easy for me
Debbie as the Crumpet is a well known and respected woman in the blogging community.  In my heart she is my friend and today she is my nail hero

Saturday, February 13, 2016

When it's right!

Hi Everyone!  Happy Saturday!  I'm celebrating doing a whole lot of not much this weekend.  Yesterday was my 53rd birthday and when you get to be my age a birthday isn't really much different than any other day of the week LOL.  What was great about it is I had a wonderful day at work with my coworkers.  They were incredibly thoughtful with Sally's and Ulta gift cards as well as a gift card to Olive Garden. Last night I went out with my family to Cheddars and as always we had a blast.  Today my son is taking me to see Deadpool and then out for Chinese food.  Don't anyone tell him I'm not really a comic book movie kind of person--I don't even know how the heck Deadpool is but it will be a great time to just get time with him so I'm all in.

A couple of weeks ago I asked my friend Pam from Paintbox Polish if she could do an Elvis inspired mani for me.  I was trying to go for the iconic looks of his gold lame' suit as well as his black leather from his 69 comeback special.  I asked Pam if she could do a black matte with micro gold glitter and she totally nailed it!  When I got my bottle of it I was so freaking happy!  It's just perfect and you know when it's right---it's right.

So for my birthday I decided to wear it when one of the images I just love from the new Girly Bits GBC 1-01 plate.  I think it's the most unique image I've ever seen on a plate.  It's a star made up of musical notes!  Honestly this is the best birthday mani ever!  Check it out!
Here's the polish you have to excuse the faded label I held this sucker in my hands so much and took it everywhere I went for a good 3 days before I put it on LOL!
It's named Edge Of Reality after my favorite Elvis song which just happens to be from my favorite Elvis movie Live A Litte, Love A Little
How cool is this mani???? It's matte but sparkly as hell!
Don't you use love this image from Girly Bits GBC 1-01 plate???

Not familiar with the suits of Elvis' I am talking about here there are
Oh yeah baby check out this all gold hunk!!!
And there is absolutely nothing wrong with this hunk o burnin' love in his black leather either!

I think the polish Pam made nailed these two looks perfectly!
100% rockstar mani today for sure!
I've put this little collage together and yep just what I wanted!
I'm not really feeling very Valentine's Day so I think I'm going to keep on my  Edge Of Reality and put on shiny topcoat and then see what stamping I feel like over it.  Nothing better than lazing around and doing an extend a mani!

What do you think?  Do you think this is a perfect Elvis inspired polish??  I have 3 in my collection now--2 from Red Dog Designs and this one from Paintbox polish--honestly the possibilities are endless!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a great day!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Pam Slammed!

Hi Everyone!

Today I'm showcasing some really gorgeous blues!  Actually one of these polishes is my all time favorite polish right now and I've worn this same polish at least once a week since I got it last month. I'm calling today's post "Pam Slammed" because I'm doing double duty with Paintbox Polish and Girly Bits both of the gorgeous women behind these polishes is named Pam.

First up my fave polish!  Won't the Muggles See Us by Paintbox Polish.  YES this IS a Harry Potter inspired polish.  No I am not a Harry Potter fanatic.  Thankfully I don't have to be to wear this polish!

Won't The Muggles See is is a fabulous sky blue with some blue and pink shimmer and charcoal flakes

Blue Christmas by Girly Bits it's a gorgeous dark blue creme that's honestly a one coater but I always use 2
These colors compliment each other so well
But wait!  That's not all! Did you know Girly Bits is branching out into stamping art supplies?  Well she is!  Girly Bits has a great stamping plate GBC1-01 and the image I've used for my stamping is from this plate.

She also is offering stamping polish!
I was lucky enough to be sent some stamping polishes along with a the new plate GBC1-01 for review and I am elated to say both plate and polish stamped great for me!

Cobalt is quite a vibrant blue and in my opinion the perfect match for these colors I chose for my mani
Also look at the image!  I love swirling wave images like this!  Absolutely LOVE them!
I wore just Won't The Muggles See Us and Blue Christmas before 2 days before stamping over them and as you can see here no tip wear, I'm so glad I stamped over them because now I've got a couple more days with these beauties!

Pam at Paintbox Polish offers polishes many of them Harry Potter inspired as well as mani fizzes and body care items.  If you haven't visited her shop you should check it out HERE 

Pam at Girly Bits offers polishes as well as stamping supplies, stampers, plate, the Uber Chic mat and stamping polishes.  If you haven't visited her shop you should check it out HERE

So pleased with how well my Pam Slam mani turned out!!
Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!