Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 8--Duochrome, Flakie or Holo

Hi Everyone!  Today's Crumpets Nail Tart's Challenge puts us to Day 8 aka Duochrome, Flakie or Holo.  When I first saw this theme I said to myself well why not do all 3?  I think we all know I love duochromes--I especially love Sally Hansen duochromes  huge fan of flakies as well, but holo's not so much.  While it's true I have a lot of holos I just HATE they look like crap indoors!  I spend most of my time indoors working and I'm not out lazing around in the sun enjoying the prismatic effect of a holo for crying out loud!

BUT today I decided to do all three.  I chose Sally Hansen Ruby Sapphire for my duochrome, three nice coats of it, but on my accent nail over 2 coats I did a layer of my favorite flakie--Cult Nails Clairvoyant.  
I love a duochrome because it has so much to offer, one color one minute, another color the next
I move my hands all over the place when I wear a duochrome
I stamped another accent nail with Color Club Cloud Nine and Cheeky XL D
While the flash makes the holo come to life with a prismatic blaze, it hides the gorgeous flakie, and buries the 2nd color of the duochrome
 I'm not sure why my skin is so golden here either lol!

Back into a shade pic and the duochrome and flakie shine but the holo is DED
Poor, poor holo, you only come out to play in the sun
I guess that's why when it comes to "finishes" I'm always going to want to go with a duochrome or flakie over a holo.  I'm glad I got all three into this mani though, it shines in and out of the light for me!

What's up for tomorrow?
Saran Wrap!  I haven't tried a Saran Wrap mani yet!!!!

Let's see what the other Tart's have come up with for today