Sunday, April 12, 2015

We Are Mauna Kea

Hi Everyone!  Happy Sunday!  I consider myself very lucky to live in Wisconsin.  As far as beauty goes it is a truly lovely state.  There are still farm lands to see and corn fields to walk through. Up North in Wisconsin you'll find some of the most beautiful lakes and forests and the bluffs near the Minnesota border will leave you speechless.  While I was born and raised here my heritage is not of the indigenous people of Wisconsin.  I am actually German, Scottish, Irish and English.  I have absolutely no Native American roots.  I can say I'm not happy any time History is involved with the indigenous people of the United States.  Learning your "free" country came because of the destruction of those who were here first does not leave a good feeling in me.

I'm sure many of you know I have a huge crush on Jason Momoa from Game Of Thrones and The Red Road and in addition to crushing on his fine form I also follow him on IG.  Pride Of Gypsies has been sharing a lot of news regarding the recent events happening in Hawaii at Mauna Kea.  

Mauna Kea is a dormant volcano on the island of Hawaii and it is one million years old.  In Hawaiian Mythology the peaks of Hawaii are sacred and Mauna Kea, which means white mountain, is the most sacred of all.  In ancient times only only high ranking tribal chiefs were allowed to visit the peak of Mauna Kea.  Those living on its base relied on it's vast forests for food and they quarried at flanks to use the hard stone for tools.   The introduction of settlers from overseas with their animals and disregard for the island itself started to damage the mountain's ecology.

Fast forward to the age of the modern man who seems so much more interested in learning about life on other planets that in the process damages his own Earth and has little regard to the destruction he leaves in his path.  Currently scientists are trying to build yet another telescope on the peak of Mauna Kea.  This telescope when finished will be the largest telescope ever built.  

At what cost should man "reach for the stars"?  Mauna Kea is sacred land to the native people of Hawaii.  How would you feel about someone coming in and tearing down your church or your mosque or your synagogue?  Why does man always think it's his right to go to a place already inhabit by others and take it for his own?  There are already several telescopes on Mauna Kea--why do we need one more??

It's simple--I don't.  I don't believe we need one more.  I believe mankind needs to stop searching for answers out there in the vast universe and get under control the many problems facing him in his own world--Earth.  Earth in it's beauty that includes the peaks of Mauna Kea.  

After reading several pieces of literature and following the news reports as well as Pride Of Gypsies posts on Instagram I support this cause.  Living here in Wisconsin there isn't much I can do.  But I did do what I could.  I signed the petition which you can find HERE  And I donated what I could to to make it visible to others.   

I hope the Governor of Hawaii takes notice and takes to heart what he is really doing by allowing TMT to build this telescope.  I hope scientists all around the world understand why it's wrong to destroy what we already have in front of us to search for something beyond our reach.

My mani today shows my support--We Are Mauna Kea

Hawaiian tribal art today thinking of the ancestors of the beautiful island of Hawaii
My turtle symbolizes long life and at more than one million years old Mauna Kea was here long before us and should be revered

It's time for the world to stop what they are doing and take a look around.  What you see before you will not last until we do something to keep our Mother Earth healthy.  It does us no good to search for something out there when we are already ruining the wonderful planet we already live on

From my heart in Wisconsin to the native people of Hawaii--Aloha!


  1. I'm from the Big Island, and there are definitely two sides. The economy on the island is largely the tourist industry, but is also heavily influenced by the science that goes on on the island. The scientists and companies bring a huge amount of revenue to the economy. The islands have a hard time with keeping public education standards and children getting excited about school. The science focus is helps children aspire to finish high school and even go to college. And that's a really big deal.

    Since the crash in the economy, it has been really hard for Hawaii to come back especially in the construction industry. People have had to leave the islands to find work. This is something that we so desperately need in our economy.

    1. Austen not living in Hawaii I totally understand where you are coming from and yes there are definitely two sides. Several telescopes on Mauna Key are no longer functioning why then don't they remove those before building this one? Land has already been destroyed and used for those so why not replace them with this new telescope instead of destroying more land? What will man do when there is no more land? Can you imagine a world like that? You know only too well how beautiful the land is you live on do you think you would miss it if all you had to look at for scenery were buildings upon buildings upon buildings? I just wish we could all try to fix some of the issues we have here on Earth instead of continuously searching for life out there in our Universe