Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Childhood--Mother/Daughter Outfits!

Hi Everyone!  What a beautiful day it is today here in Wisconsin!  It's 55 degrees and sunny.  It reminds me of all of the wonderful times growing up we spent Up North camping or staying at a resort.   My family was very big on vacations but since we didn't have a ton of money they weren't any jetsetting vacations instead  things like camping and staying at a resort for a week.  In the Winter we would go up to Milwaukee for a weekend getaway and stay in a  hotel with a pool.  My parents always did the very best they could to give us kids some great vacations.

My Great Grandma Grove was an excellent seamstress!  She could sew anything!  I have a lot of fond memories as a young girl going to the fabric store with her and my Grandma Welch.  I was the favorite granddaughter and great granddaughter of course.  When we were young my Great Grandma sewed a lot of matching mother/daughter dresses for us.  I'm not sure if my mom was super thrilled or not but again because we didn't have a ton of money my parents were forever grateful for all the things my grandparents did for them.  And if they meant putting on some matching outfits that's what was going to happen LOL.

One of the resorts we went to a few times was the Red Robin Resort.  It wasn't a huge resort but it was a nice little place to go to where we could fish and swim.  I'm pretty sure I spent all my spending money on candy and ice cream the week we were there.  I actually have a great picture of all of us in our matching outfits for one of these trips!  Since I have such fond memories of these times as a young girl my mani today is a shout out to my wonderful grandmas and all their hard work through those many years when we were young and dressed alike

Isn't this a cute mani??? I totally remember the print on our matching dresses looking like this!
I used a base of Sinful Colors Pistache and then stamped with FUN13

Here's the picture I have of us in front of the resort sign!
OMG were'nt we adorable????  Oooh now that I look closer I guess these were jumpers and not dresses! Probably a good thing since I was a tomboy so I'm sure if I was in a dress my underwear would be showing with all the horsing around I used to do.

Here's my mani I think I did pretty good considering it's hard to see the print on this old as hell picture LOL!

In case you were wondering I'm the oldest of us girls so I'm the tallest in the picture after my mom.  Lisa is the middle child and Lynelle the youngest.  Were were adorable??  Did you see how high my mom's hair was?? Yep she hair sprayed that sucker even camping back then!

Here's a lovely collage of my nails with the pic
Man those vacations were some fun times!

I'm heading over to check out if anyone else wore matching outfits when they were little!


  1. Well that picture and the nails are too adorable! I love that you had a great grandma that could sew. For me that was my mom. Unfortunately the skill wasn't passed down to me. My sister got all the sewing skills.

  2. So adorable! It's great too that you have pix of the outfits that your grandma made!

  3. A great design and memory! It has been nice taking the time to remember all these wonderful things about our childhood!

  4. This is so fabulous :) I love the picture! I have a lot of memories of picking out fabric with my grandma for the sundresses that I basically lived in until I was 12. My grandma kept all the scraps and made me a beautiful quilt with them when I graduated high school. So special! :)

  5. Love this! My mom can make clothes as well although she mostly knits and crochets now!

  6. aw that's so beautiful. The mani is a great tribute to your family xx

  7. What a lovely story and wonderful tribute to your grandmas. Your mani is super adorable. I think I had a dress with similar pattern when I was a kid.

  8. Ohhhh, I hope you still have one of those jumpers on a bear somewhere. Just a really happy and adorable memory and great mani to boot!