Saturday, April 11, 2015

More from Messy Mansion!

Hi Everyone!! Happy Saturday!  Oh my goodness I have some really pretty mani's to show you all today.  I worked 3 more of the new plates I was given for quality check and just had to review these as well.   I also got to use them with some of my favorite indie makers too!

First up I had a base on of Red Dog's Raspberry Tart which is a light purple with purple glitters and some nice micro white and green bar glitters.  I stamped with what I like to call the reverse image plate from Messy Mansion plate MM49.  I went straight for the starburst flower image with some Mundo de Unas Purple and ooooh it's so pretty!
I'm not going to lie this image covers up a lot of the pretty basecoat but up close you can see the hints of the glitter in the base
I really love this look!!
I think images like this are some of my very favorite
Can you see the glitters in there??? 

Here's the plate can you see what I mean by reverse images??  
Can't wait to try something with the ladies face!!

Next up I had to really reach for something because I wanted to show off the Steampunk plate but honestly when it comes to steampunk I don't get.  I just do not get it at all.  But this did give me a chance to use my gorgeous Bat Crap Crazy polish from 6 Harts
She is a gorgeous brown beauty with some teeny micro holo glitters in her
Stamping is with MM43 and believe it or not I used a copper metallic from Avon to stamp with but to me it looks gold!
There's a lot of cool stuff on this plate so if you are into the whole Steampunk thing then trust me when I say this is up your alley!
I love the keys on this plate and I'm sure I will do more things with this baby

Last manicure to show you today is my favorite!  And it surprises me because just like Steampunk I'm not really a paisley person either.  I mean it's okay it's not great or fantastic and I don't know that I'd ever wear anything paisley at all but again I wanted to showcase this plate because it is pretty in paisley LOL!  Check out MM48!

I chose one of my favorite Elevation's for the base--Definition: The Vivid Unknown.  Then I pulled out my Mundo de Unas and stamped with Turquoise, Avocado and Mustard . . . drops mic!
Can I get a what? what?! Did you see this?!!!! OH MY GAHHHHHH!
This dark blue/teal base is the perfect backdrop for this nail art!
I mean where has paisley been all my life??? Right???!!!!!
I retract my I wouldn't wear paisley statement.  I'm sure if I had this in a scarf I would wear the hell out of it!
And again I'll just say when it comes to stamping  polish Mundo de Unas has no equal.

Here's the MM48 plate, it's all about the paisley!

As expected I had zero issues stamping with this plates.  I have yet to find a Messy Mansion plate that does not stamp well every single time.  These news plates are amazing and I applaud Julia and LilyAnna on their creativity!

Which one of my mani's is your favorite???   For me it is definitely the paisley print!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. What? what?! Did you see this?!!!! OH MY GAHHHHHH! :D
    Seriously though, your paisley manicure is absolutely gorgeous!
    Could you explain a bit more how you did the multicolor stamp?
    It looks SO cool, I would love to try it myself :)

  2. Your paisley is especially incredible!