Friday, April 17, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Childhood--The King Of Rock n Roll!

Hi Everyone!! Happy Friday!!  Today I guess I saved the best for last with my childhood mani!

Most people who know me know without any doubt I am an Elvis fan.  I have been one almost my entire life.  As a young girl of seven I fell in love with him for the first time while watching him sing and dance his way into Shelley Fabares heart in the movie Girl Happy.  When all  my friends were into David Cassidy, Bobby Sherman, Donny Osmand, and Andy Gibb I was into Elvis.  I have always been into Elvis and will be until the day I die.

 I am lucky enough to have a super friend who happens to be the genius behind Red Dog Designs and when I asked Gina if she could do a couple of custom polishes for me that were Elvis related she said "sure!" and she did an awesome job!  Last year I had her come up with a polish that looked like Elvis' famous eagle jumpsuit.  I named it Elvis Has Left The Building.

I wanted to be try to recreate said famous eagle jumpsuit but my freehand skills are absolute crap so I reached out and asked the wonderful Sheila of The Pointless Cafe if she could a drawing up for me to recreate.  Sheila is amazing, her free hand skills are awesome and even though she was super busy last night she took time out to do a drawing for me I could actually recreate!


So today I have the most awesome mani to show you for my final day of The Digital-al Dozen's childhood week

Here's the famous Elvis eagle jumpsuit I recreated

Oh my goodness be still my heart!  I still heart Elvis after 47 years!!!!

This is the drawing Sheila made for me.  I foolishly felt like I could get it all on one nail LOL!  She told me nope no way and came up with this for me instead

That right there is an original piece by Sheila from The Pointless Cafe people, someday it will be worth millions!

Here's my custom polish from Red Dog Designs--Elvis Has Left The Building
It's an awesome white jelly with red, blue and gold various sized glitters with gold holo stars and micro gold glitters
 I think Gina completely nailed it when she created this polish for me.
I will say this wasn't easy.  I had to use a toothpick to dot with and had to redo the middle finger 4 times.  And in the end my eagle's eye isn't where it should be BUT this is freaking awesome!

What do you all think??  Did I nail it or what?
 Elvis, forever in my heart.

I'm heading over to check out the last day for everyone.  I have to say I really enjoyed this theme a lot!


  1. Girl you nailed it! This is absolutely amazballs, wow.

  2. oh Laurie this is the epic of all epic. Bloody amazing. One of the best things you've ever done xx

  3. OMGosh you posted a photo of a quick and dirty 2 minute sketch for all the world to SEE? You're toast!

  4. Girl I love you!! These are the best!! Long live the King!! :)

  5. I so knew you would do Elvis for this week. What a fabulous tribute!

  6. Awesome! So creative; I can't imagine how long this took especially if youd had to redo a nail several times!

  7. I agree with Debbie, this is EPIC! It's absolutely perfect.