Monday, April 13, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Childhood--Monkey See Monkey Do Monday--@cassis_p !!!

Hi Everyone!! Happy Monday to all!  This week is Childhood week for the 
Digit-al Dozen.  I'm pretty sure we are going to see lots of different interpretations for this week which is always exciting.   For me I totally looked at this theme as being something that reminds me of my childhood.  How amazing is it that I can finally do a mani I saw Cassis P do awhile ago and have it fit in with this week's theme???


So here's my back story before I post the pics of my mani.  When I was a young girl it was my dream to be a missionary in Africa where I would ride along teaching the African natives all about Jesus in my Winnebago.  I was really into the TV show Tarzan with Ron Ely when I was young so I just knew if anything were to happen to me in the safaris of Africa like a lion trying to eat me or me falling into quick sand I could just call for Tarzan and he would save me.  Enter a young girl's heart crushing when her father had to tell her that Tarzan wasn't real.  I think I was more terrified of slowly drowning in quick sand than the lions attacking so that reality smack had me giving up the missionary life pretty quick.  

Nothing says a father's love like a man having to crush your dreams LOL.  My poor dad you know he just wanted a boy in there somewhere but that didn't happen.

I have fond memories of the time I wanted to drive around in my Winnebago in Africa though and really did love watching Tarzan as a young girl.  I'm sure it had a lot to do with the fact Cheetah was super cool and who didn't want a monkey as a pet when they were a kid???

My mani today is a Safari silhouette with a huge shout out to Cassis P on both youtube and instagram for being the brilliant one to come up with this way cool effect!

This was definitely a labor intensive mani as you have to use the decal method and believe it or not this is just black stamping over white and then some sheer jellies sponged over it to give it color!
I followed Cassis' tutorial on youtube and it was actually really easy to do.  If you haven't seen her tutorial you can find it HERE

I've got an ostrich on my thumb!
MoYou Explorer 23 plate has some really awesome Safari images I'm sure I will use this plate often
Getting my gorgeous Safari colors was really easy with the sheer jellies from 10.1 Polish too.

Here's a picture of the mani Cassis did and the one I fell in love with when she first posted it 

So there you have it, day 1 of the Digit-al Dozen Does Childhood for me a reminder of the time in my young life when I wanted to cruise around in Africa and hopefully being saved by Tarzan. 

I'm going to head over and see what my fab friends came up with for Childhood week!


  1. Wow, I love this so much! I loved Cassis' too but you definitely do her proud with yours!

  2. Did you ever get to drive about Africa in a Winnebago, even if you weren't a missionary?

    1. No never did Vic I've never been out of the US!

  3. ... Tarzan isn't real?

    But seriously, these are STUNNING!

  4. This is flipping awesome! I think I had a short love affair with Tarzan as a child also. But it didn't last because I'm not a jungle girl, too many snakes!

  5. Jaw dropping! I didn't know these were decals (rarely go onto youtube); I thought everyone was an expert stamper lol!

  6. This is absolutely amazing!! One of my favorite manis you've ever done!

  7. Ha! I love the backstory!!! This mani is awesome!!

  8. What a great story, and a FAB manicure! I am always so impressed with what you do with stamping plates!

  9. This is just BEYOND. It's crazy amazing. I used to want to be a missionary and then I decided I wanted to be a biologist! I really wanted to work with animals but be in the wilderness! Lol...neither dream came to fruition for me but I still love traveling and being in nature.

  10. This is really awesome. I recently did a mani where I wanted a mirror image and oh boy that decal method left me just wanting to scream. I only did two nails because I just didn't have the time. This really did turn out gorgeous, so looks like it was well worth it for you. Love it!!

  11. not only is this incredible, i love the childhood dream that inspired it xx

  12. These are absolutely amazing! I never thought to turn the second stamp around!!

  13. You just slay me. These are freaking amazing. The colors are perfection and your stamping is awesome!