Monday, April 20, 2015

Know when to stop!

Hi Everyone!! Happy Monday to all!  I had a great weekend.  I spent all day with my little sister Nel and our grand nephew Sean.   We went to a kids learning and activity fair on Saturday morning and there was so much cool stuff to check out.  Sean is four and loves to dance so we looked at a dance school for him which I think is going to be pretty cool. He also tried his hand at tennis with a real racket and was pretty good.  He loved it!  So lots of fun options ahead for him for sure.

He's got a birthday coming up in June.  Don't tell him but we are buying him a new riding toy!  He has a small motorcycle he has to push with his feet to ride and it's too dang small for him LOL.  His tricycle also too small.  We are going to try to find another motorcycle but are also going to check out a big wheel and a bike.  He wants a Batman cake for his birthday this year too so he's moved on from Spiderman now LOL!  Poor Spidey.

After the fair we went home and played outside for a couple of hours and shot some hoops.  Tee Tee Laurie was a cheerleader though.  I'm too old to be shooting hoops.  After that we went inside to watch the movie Spirit again( for the fifty millionith time) but basically for me that meant nap time!  We had some pizza rolls and pizza for dinner and then it was time to head back home.  Really a great time!

Sunday my son finally caved in to watching a scary movie with me.  I had been trying to get him to watch one with me forever and he's not a huge fan so then naturally he picked one that was super terrifying!  The Babadook.  OMG totally freaky and terrifying.  I stayed up until like 2 am before finally caving in to sleep because I felt like I would have nightmares.  Thankfully it was a restful night's sleep!

Yesterday I played around with some dry marbling.  And I really loved what I did but naturally I messed it up by stamping over it! Curse you Sunday Challenges!

So here's a couple of pictures of the cool drying marbling I did 
If you remembering my bowling ball mani I did the dry marbling the same way by using an old plastic plate sleeve and then just applying stripes of color and working through them with a toothpick
Isn't it cool??? It is! Totally!

Then I stamped over it with FUN13 for the AIS Sunday Challenge--flowers of a different color and it's not as great anymore :(
Lesson learned!
I really do enjoy this dry marbling though.  I'm working on another idea later today and I'm going to play with some of my alcohol inks too!

I hope everyone is having a great Monday so far!  Thanks for stopping by!

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