Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Childhood--Aquaman!

Hi Everyone!  Do you remember on Monday when I told the story of how my dad had to crush my dreams when he told me Tarzan wasn't real so there wasn't going to be anyone to save me from quick sand or from being mauled by a lion?  Well today is another one of those days!

When I was a young girl I was totally in love with the cartoon Aquaman from The Justice League.  Honestly I think I had something for Atlantis period because I really had a crush on Patrick Duffy in The Man From Atlantis too.  Anyway I really loved Aquaman.  I honestly don't know why because today I can tell you swimming in the ocean absolutely terrifies me.  Cue years ago when I professed my love for Aquaman and talked about getting married to him and my father having to break it to me that cartoons weren't real and you couldn't marry a cartoon.  Cue a young girl's broken heart yet AGAIN!  Jeeze dad cut a girl a break why don't you?

Cue modern day when the news broke my heart throb Jason Momoa was going to be playing Aquaman! OH MY GOD is this fate of what?  I wanted to marry Aquaman and the guy I have a major crush on is going to be Aquaman!  It is fate I tell you!

Today I did a mani based totally on the new improved super hot Aquaman who will played by Jason Momoa--way to go Jason!  I'm pretty excited for the up coming movies and seeing The Justice League in action again--Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman woot those are going to be some good times for sure!

I  based this mani on the picture that's been all over the internet showing Jason as they new Aquaman
OH MY LANTA! Doesn't he look amazing???!!!!
Seriously I can barely stand it!
I used one of my favorite Messy Mansion plates for this MM21 and then did an accent nail with VL1.  I really love how it turned out!
What do you think?  Get out my mani with the new Aquaman pic
What do you think???? Are we thinking this is fate that my man crush is now playing Aquaman??????  Is  my dad shaking his head at me up there in Heaven?  Is Lisa Bonet going to come gunning for me after this?? 

I'm going to pop over and check out my cohorts--they have been nailing it this week!


  1. Never mind Lisa Bonet, your mani is gorgeous!

  2. Lisa Bonet is a lucky lucky woman....I digress these nails are to die for!

  3. very cool - love the inspiration :)

  4. This is awesome - I am not interested in Aquaman at all but man, Jason is good looking! lol

  5. ok, I have no idea who Aquaman is. I never knew who this Jason bloke was either til I started watching GOT last week. And wow, this mani is FIERCE. Those black and white scales are fab xx

  6. These are gorgeous! I'm dying to see the movie!

  7. A perfect recreation of that poster - I'm surprised you didn't manage to get Jason on your nails! Have you seen the BBC version of Atlantis that's out at the moment?

  8. Every time I see your crush, all I can think of is how lucky is Lisa Bonet to have snagged him and Lenny?