Friday, October 4, 2013

Who needs the sun when you've got a little Flash????

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Friday!  OMG I am SO glad it's Friday!  We are in our busy season now so I'm working 6am to 4:30pm everyday and once November starts I'll be helping out at the bakery again and probably working til 9pm and 7 days a week!  Can you say nuts??!!  I do love it though, especially the bakery holiday season!

I'm a bit ticked about this post as I've had this lovely polish on for a couple of days but of course the day the sun was out I forgot to bring the camera!  I had to make do today with some light from the bathroom at work of all places and then of course my mock light box aka my desk!

Today I'm showing off Darling Diva's Flash--it's a duochrome holographic polish of all sorts of goodness!  I'm referring to Diva's holographic multichromes as the "mullet" of nail polish!!!  All business in the shade and party in the sun!

So here she is Flash in she shade--pretty lovely goldy glow

And some duochrome or multichromatic goodness
She's a beauty!
Now here's some "flash" added to Flash!
How do you like the stamping?????  It's one of my new MoYou's!!!
Time Traveller's Back to the 70's 02 plate!

Here's a shot that shows both the duochrome and the holo!!
The Darling Diva still has Flash for sale on her Big Cartel site!!  If you love it you need to snag it, it won't be around for long!

Next week starts a week long of Fall/Autumn nails--Finally some darker colors!!!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.  This Sunday we go to Mom's for pulled pork, coleslaw and chips (yeah I might  eat a few
chips LOL) and the Packer game!!


  1. Oooooh!

    Okay, that's it :D .

  2. Very awesome. Even without the sun - the photos are great too (almost as great as the nails, LOL).