Sunday, October 27, 2013

How much Halloween can you handle??!!!

Hi Everyone!!! Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  I'm all about trying something new today in the food world.  On the menu for today is a sweet and spicy chili and avocado stuffed  meatballs.  Found both of these recipes yesterday and really want to give them a try.  I'm a spice baby so I'm little afraid of the chili but I'm going to give it the old college try!

I got to spend the entire day yesterday working on some great mani ideas for one of the new Messy Mansion plates.  BUT more on that tomorrow where I'll feature all the mani's I did for it.

Today is all about Halloween.  Over the course of this month I've done several Halloween mani's.  Some of them are just a simple gradient with glitter, some of them are just polish---yes just polish--and some of them have stamping.  I know I have a favorite out of the bunch--maybe you will too!

First up just some polish nails!
My index is OPI Jinx, my swear and ring are Sonoma Nail Art Sincerest Pumpkin Patch and my pinkie is Zoya Chita.

This is the lovely China Glaze Cha Cha Cha topped with OPI Black Spotted for a bubbling cauldron look!
And my added scary spider for effect!!

Next up a couple from Red Dog Designs-----

Dean Man's Party over Zoya Josie and Pinta
You've seen it already but it's cool so I'm showing it off again LOL!

and thumbie!

And the Haunting Hour which is full of holo shapes, gunmetal hexes and various orange shaped glitters
This I did over a gradient of Sally Hansen Sun Kissed and Sinful Black On Black
I really love this one!

Next up some stamping.  The next two are ones I did for the Bundle Monster entry.  

This is the one I didn't choose and then wished I had!  Zoya Caitlin and Dior Purple Smoke gradient stamped with BM301 and BMH08
Silver Purple is lovely isn't it???
The next one is one I did enter the contest with.  I felt like my entry was pretty lack lustre compared to all of them out there but I was one of the only ones who went creepy green!  This is a gradient of Sinful Innocent (which does stain to the heavens) and Zoya Envy. 
I did this when I was with Steph and Dani a few week ago and used one of  Steph's Sephora Xplosives for the glitter touch.  Stamping is BMH08.
It's slimey and green but there were a lot of way better entries in there than mine!

I loved the chartreuse green of Sinful Colors Innocent so much I used it again with China Glaze Grape Pop in a gradient and stamped using Sugar Bubbles 001 plate

For some cute ideas I came up with I did the googlie eyes mani which you already saw

I also did this cute little mani using OPI Holiday Glow with stamping of BM305 over it and accent nails of Superficially Colorful's Impulsive topped with Red Dog Designs Pumpkin Toss

My last two pics of the day are my favorite Halloween mani's I've done.  First up is one I did and said--"What the French??!!! Where was this inspiration for the Bundle Monster contest??!!!"
I started with a gradient of Sally Hansen Black Diamond and Zoya Mimi and Amy.  Then for the swear finger I drew the moon in Zoya Pippa and stamped using various Bundle Monster images.  The spooky trees are part of BM224, the haunted house is from BM305 and the bats are from BMH08.

And last but not least my most recent Halloween mani!!!
This one features 2 frankens I made.  Index and Pinkie are a duochrome holographic polish I named Masters Of The Shadowlands after my favorite series of books, and Swear and Ring are Moon Tide a teal to purple duochrome I made.

Here you can see the shift pretty well

I used BMH07 on the Index and Pinkie along with this super cute little gold stars I got from my friend Gina
The Swear and Ring have stamping from Messy Mansion MM11
That demon head is creepy cool!

So that's it!  Lot's of pics and ideas for you for a Halloween mani!  I'm not sure if I'm Halloween'd out yet or not LOL!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!

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