Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Oh if only every day were Oktoberfest!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Hump Day!!!  Are you the kind of person who has a zillion polishes and a zillion untrieds and then you put one on and who want to smack yourself because you waited so long to try it???  Oh lord I sure am!  I bought a few of the OPI Germany polishes and really have not worn them.  UG I really need to haul out my untrieds more often.

I grabbed Every Day Is Oktoberfest mostly for the name---okay the color is gorgeous too--for one of my Autumn mani's this week.  It's a gorgeous color.  A drop dead gorgeous color.  I actually love it so much I thought about not stamping on it for a hot minute.

But we all know there's no way I'm not stamping hahahahaha!  I hauled out my Pueen Love Element set and grabbed Pueen 33
Here's the little beauty without flash.  It almost looks like a red
It's just stunning

But check it out with flash!  It's a gorgeous purple!
Oooooh-----aaaaaah it's like two mints in one!
There's some gorgeous sparkle in this polish!
Too bad I put it on a night and took these pics!

My mom grew up in West Salem, Wisconsin which is near La Crosse.  Many people I know who live in La Crosse and West Salem refer to it as God's Country.  They aren't lying.  It's gorgeous up there.  I have a lot of great childhood memories of going to La Crosse for their Oktoberfest celebration and parade.  When we were little kids men with blackened face would come and brush their cheek against yours so you'd get dirty and they would toss candy out to you.  It was so much fun!!!  

I hope you've been enjoying the pretty Autumn mani's so far!!!


  1. Beautiful nails! Great job stamping - just the right amount (2 nails) and perfect combo.

  2. I've nominated you for an award; :)