Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Amber waves of grain!

Hi Everyone!  Keeping up with this week's theme of Autumn I've got on some gorgeous browns today.  Way back when I first had my polish problem with about 30 bottles total at least half of those bottles were of brown polish.  It was my first problem color for sure!!

Today I've paired up Sinful Colors Leather Loose with Alter Ego's Chocolatier and Desert Storm Trigger Puller.  I layered Desert Storm over Chocolatier and it's just a lovely golden brown chocked full of shimmer, sparkle and even holo glitter goodness
Leather Loose is a gorgeous dark brown matte with gold shimmer--I've topcoated it for this mani and it's just to die for gorgeous!
I stamped using on of my new MoYou plates!!  It's from the Sailor collection 06 and so really isn't not anything grain like at all, but I thought it looked cool!
Here's a couple pics with flash
Can you see how stunning the sparkle is in Leather Loose???!!!!
Not to mention the gorgeous sparkle in Desert Storm Trigger Puller!!!!

Looks of sparkly goodness in this mani!!!

My friends sure came up with some great ideas yesterday I wonder what they have in store for today?


  1. I haven't gotten sinful colors in so long, but now i need leather loose!

    1. Danielle you really do!!!! If you love browns it is a must have--and for less than $2 it's a steal!

  2. My heavens, please forgive me for never seeing this until now! What a beautiful mani, this is gorgeous! ALtho I am very late, thank you so very much for your hard work!