Thursday, October 17, 2013

Digit-al Dozen Does Skittles--Wavy Gravy

Hi Everyone!  The weekend is almost here! Oh YAY!  I cannot wait.  I'm tired and would like a couple days break AND my niece's birthday is on Saturday AND both she and my nephew are coming home from college so we can celebrate.  You know what that means???!!!! Ice cream sundaes and family game night!  Woot!

You might not be able to tell but I actually have a really hard time with skittles.  I don't know what it is but perhaps I'm just not random enough to come up with great ideas for them!  I tried to throw something together the other night and it's actually not too bad AND I water marbled!
I pulled out Zoya Caitlin, Pepper and Farah and added a bit of OPI Germanicure which you can't really see dang it!
To me these colors are all neutral even Pepper LOL!  I just don't "do" nudes!
Marbling just two fingers for me is quite enough!

The week is almost over!! It's been a lot of fun and once again I'm blown away by all the mani's my friends have done!  


  1. This looks great! And I agree...watermarbling on two finger is MORE than enough :-p

  2. Well, those two water marbled nails are so SO awesome, you only need two :D

  3. I love it, those marbles are groovy!

  4. These colors go perfectly together, especially on your long nails :)

  5. I feel like these colors are so cozy together... like a warm blanket! I should have done some marbling this week too!

  6. love these shades you put together! the marbling looks fantastic, too!