Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Flowers!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Hump Day!  Halfway into the week and so far so good.  The weekend is coming up fast and it looks like it's going to be mine all mine!  If the weather is nice and by nice I mean not cold or rainy we may check out a haunted house.  

It's been chilly here.  Yesterday morning there was frost on the car in the morning. UG frost on the car means snow is definitely in the near future. I'm going to have to manage my time between manicures and crocheting some wrist warmers, hats, mittens and a blanket LOL.  I like the crochet blankets in the Fall and Winter because it keeps you warm as you work on it.

Today I've got a nice and easy mani.  The end result is a dramatic without any fuss at all!
I painted most of my nails with Kiko 646 a lovely black and silver textured polish and then did some accents with just black and dried flowers.
I think the flowers look perfect with a black backdrop
Easy nail art but really pretty!

Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope everyone has a great hump day!


  1. oh Laurie i love this - it's like you're wearing autumn

    1. Thanks Debbie!!! I don't know why I don't use these flowers more often!

  2. this is gorgeous! Where do you get such small (and flat) dried flowers for your nails?