Monday, October 7, 2013

Where oh where is Bob Ross?!!!!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Monday!  Today starts a week long theme of Autumn.  Some friends and I are posting together this week showcasing what Autumn is to us.  It should be interesting!!!  Some of them don't even have 4 seasons where they live!  I do though!  I live in the glorious state of Wisconsin where we have 4 seasons every year and Fall is definitely gorgeous here.    I feel very blessed to wake up and look outside and see sugar and red maple trees in a gold or rich red and the aspen in their gorgeous yellows.  And of course mingled through them all are the majestic pine trees!

Well they are majestic until you try to paint them on your nail.

Here's a word of advice people--just because you receive your set of 3 detailed brushes for nail art means you are suddenly an artist!

I tried channeling Bob Ross but it just didn't work LOL!

My base, however, is MAGNIFICENT!  I used a ton of polishes to create my base--Nails Inc Hamstead Gardens--the ugly mustard yellow no one seems to like but that I love, Sinful Colors Innocent, OPI A Roll In The Hague, Revlon Vixen, Zoya Envy, Darcy, Josie & Thandie were all dabbed on with saran wrap over one coat of Hamstead Gardens.

It all went wrong with those happy little trees!  My index pine tree is like some sort of mutant!

Sometimes less really is more!

I love how thumbie turned out!

This is the picture which inspired me!
Look at all these gorgeous Fall colors!!!!!

Here's some shots with flash
Sort of makes the pine tree on my index even more mutanty!!
I really loved my base and even the pine tree on my swear isn't too bad.  I think stamping over this base would have been great too--I might just drag it out again since the challenge is a week long!

Check out what my friends came up with for Autumn!


  1. I like this- it looks really abstract and cool!

  2. very nice, love love!! <3

  3. I like it! Kind of reminds me of my recent autumn post, although yours is better x

  4. that base is totally stunning

  5. Love this one...please look at adding a follow via email widget or some other options for following besides GFC...thanks.

  6. So gorgeous! Just think of this as a impressionistic painting and you will be fine with those pines. I am!