Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Are you afraid of the dark????!!!!

Hi everyone!  I missed saying Happy Monday yesterday--sorry about that!  I was plumb tuckered out yesterday and was too busy vegging to get a post up!  What a freaking slacker I am!  Awhile ago in a Facebook group I'm in one of my friend Donna posted the cutest little mani.  I thought it was genius because she took and image and created something completely alive with it!  I'm not normally a "cute" person but I just had to recreate her look.  And while I'm at it I decided to pair her cuteness with a totally cute look I saw over on LacqLustre's blog!

This little monster mani reminds me when I was little.  I was forever having nightmares about monsters and even though I was the big sister I would always wake Lisa up and ask her if I could sleep with her LOL!

She ALWAYS said yes.  When I crawled into bed with her she would tell me I had to sleep against the wall.  And I gladly did it!  We had a window in between our two twin beds I always thought if a monster came in through the window he would eat her and be too full to eat me so he'd leave me alone!
She thought the monster would come up from the crack between the bed and the wall and eat me and be too full to eat her and he'd leave her alone!

Neither one of us knew this about the other unti we were adults! Hahaha!

To get this looked I used Sally Hansen Snappy Sorbet and Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in All Yarned Up on my accent nails with some googley eyes--an idea I saw over on LacqLustre.  And the rest of my nails are done in Snappy Sorbet and stamped with Konad m65.  This is the cute idea Donna did!  I had to double stamp thumbie but this image is pretty forgiving when double stamping.

This is a pretty cute Halloween type mani for sure!

Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!